Russo: 5 Reasons I'm Picking Smackdown Over Raw (Eva Marie Is One Of Them)

Yes, I watched FIVE FREAKIN' HOURS of WWE programming this week. Trust me, the Fed didn't "get me", I did that in order to do THIS. I get paid to watch professional wrestling on a weekly basis---that is my motivation. If there was no bread on the table, trust me, I'd either be napping, or watching baseball.

But, I survived it, and here's what I took away: the WWE is clearly writing/producing two very different shows. RAW is being written for the internet wrestling community crowd, and Smackdown is being scripted for more of the casual wrestling fan base. The difference is quite easy to see by the trained, naked eye---Smackdown showcases wrestlers wrestling, RAW shines the spotlight on average sized/looking guys flip, flop and flying around the ring in such an unbelievable frenzy that it almost makes you want to puke.

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So with that being said----the TOP 5 REASONS I CHOSE SMACKDOWN OVER RAW:


Eva Maris is a BONA-FIDE STAR. Matter of fact, she has the ability to be perhaps the biggest women's draw since Sable back in the late 90's. The woman just has the IT factor, you can see it, feel it and smell it. Do you really think it matters to me, or any other "NORMAL" red-blooded American male watching the show how bad a FREAKIN' FAKE WRESTLER she is. NO real man cares about that---not one. Me? I just can't wait to see what she's wearing next week!


For whatever reason, the wrestlers on Smackdown not only LOOK like wrestlers, but they actually WRESTLE like wrestlers. Imagine that. Guys sell. Guys get pinned with ONE finishing move. It's almost "old-school" wrestling, and there is an audience of millions that both MISS that and LONG for it. ONE RKO. ONE ZIGGLER SUPER KICK. Whoever is booking this show---the casuals thank you!


Some are already referring to the WWE as WWNXT. And, rightfully so. When you have guys like Zayn, Owens and Balor headling the main show---the transition from wrestlers to tumblers is once again crystal-clear to the trained wrestling eye. If you like that style---GREAT---RAW is the show for you. If you don't---wait for Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Enzo and Cass wound up in the flea circus.


I am not a fan of Stephanie McMahon, neither personally, or professionally. But, putting personal feelings aside, Stephanie has what is called the "wrong heat" in professional wrestling. Fans boo her because they really don't want to see her---REALLY. Forget the fact that her voice is like sandpaper on . . .well . . .sandpaper, and her attempted humor would make Don Rickles look like freakin' Carrot Top, the fact that Stephanie buries the talent and gets NO ONE over, is obvious to anyone who watches the show. Shane, on the other hand is extremely likeable--both in front of the camera and behind it.

1. 2 HOURS vs. 3 HOURS

This alone wins it for me in a landslide. The fact that Smackdown is an hour shorter then RAW---this is where I'm going. To not have to waste an entire hour my time on just a really, bad TV show---makes Smackdown my show of CHOICE!


If the two shows remain in the same vein, I believe that Smackdown will eventually outdraw RAW audience wise. However, I also believe, that once that happens, the excuse of MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IS ON OPPOSITE RAW ON MONDAY NIGHTS, will be repeated more than the IWC frivolous cries of, "RUSSO KILLED WCW AND PUT THE BELT ON DAVID ARQUETTE" Combined!!!

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