Triple H Says He's Open To Matt Riddle Fighting In UFC If He Wants, But They'd Have To Discuss It

Crossver stars are important to WWE and UFC -- this site was even founded on those successes. Matt Riddle is one of the better ones, and has made a home in WWE, but what happens when the UFC comes calling again?

The UFC fired Matt Riddle years ago on a four-fight winning streak due to repeated marijuana-related drug test offenses. As society and the UFC have lightened up on that and Riddle's profile has increased, it seems likely interest will

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"We'd talk to Matt about it and see what the opportunity was. Is it something we would like to do? Is it something he would like to do? There's no set in stone template in how you deal with this stuff. We have talent within the system that get offers to do a lot of things. Even internationally, we have talent from India, but he's like a television and movie star in India, but his dream to be a wrestler. Every now and then he goes home and stars in a movie and stays in shape, continues to do everything he can do while he's there and comes back and gets his training. If the opportunity is there, and it's the right thing, we talk to them about it," said Triple H.

With Riddle getting more popular than ever in the wrestling spectrum, that maximizes the chances that UFC -- or other MMA companies -- will have interest. Triple H isn't all that sure that Riddle will actually share that interest, though.

"You bring up Matt Riddle, one of my favorite talents out there right now. He brings out an intensity and dynamic that few bring to the ring. The question would be, if an offer came, would it be something he's interested in doing? Because he's having the time of this life doing what he's doing. He might, but I don't know that he'd want to take a moment out and train differently. He loves what he does, and it shows, because he's one of the best in the world," HHH said.

You can see Triple H's full comments above.

Photo credit: WWE

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