Finn Balor Doesn't Think He Needs 'The Demon' To Help Him Beat Bray Wyatt

Finn Balor hasn't brought out "The Demon" character since he's been back from his shoulder injury.

The last time he got all painted up was SummerSlam of last year, where he was injured by a Seth Rollins powerbomb into the barricade and overcame it to win the Universal Championship.

We haven't seen The Demon since.

Many fans have assumed that Finn was saving it up to unleash at big Pay-Per-View matches, and that SummerSlam, the de facto one year anniversary of his injury, would qualify, even against a perennial loser like Bray Wyatt.

Not so fast, says Finn Balor.

“You know the Demon only comes out in certain special situations and I don't think my match at SummerSlam against Bray Wyatt calls for it necessarily. I think I'm perfectly capable of handling that on on my own, as Finn Bálor.

“The Demon is something I have to personally tap into and believe in and draw from and the opportunity hasn't arose and the situation hasn't presented itself yet. The story hasn't required it.

"Sometimes it's really personal though and there's heat and you gotta confront that boss and go in demon-style. That's just the right way to use the character, you know. You have to make a statement. But right now I'm very happy making a statement as Finn Bálor, with my sweet ass leather jacket [laughs].”

So there you go.

Of course, this could all be a work, as Finn is often fond of trolling his fans. And it could be a way for us to remain in suspense for this match that nobody really asked for and has become one of the least anticipated on a really stacked card.

Or we might not see the Demon until WrestleMania.

Of 2021.

Who knows?

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