Flip Gordon Comments On Being An Active Duty Member Of The National Guard, Being Featured On 'Being The Elite' Regularly, And More

The army veteran/pro-wrestler provides an inside look at who he really is. 

Ring Of Honor's resident high flyer, Flip Gordon, was recently interviewed by ESPN to discuss a plethora of topics. Gordon would discuss becoming a regular in the Bullet Club's 'Being The Elite' series. Gordon would also go over his upbringing and the decision that led him to enlisting into the army, where he is still, while being a pro-wrestler, an active duty member of the National Guard.

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"[Wrestling's] always been my dream, but I knew I had to do other stuff as a backup plan because if this doesn't work out, I can't just have no backup plan. That's why I enlisted in the Army. I think I'm doing pretty good for myself so far, so hopefully I don't need that backup plan." Gordon said,

Flip Gordon went all out to pursue his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler. In 2014, the former Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion would pack up his belongings and head to Brian Fury's Pro-Wrestling Academy in Massachusetts. As noted in ESPN's interview with Flip, once he completed his training, he would go on to have his first gig with Northeast Wrestling. Northeast Wrestling President, Michael Lombardi, would state that he saw something special in Flip Gordon and knew that he would be successful.

"I saw something in Flip where I said: 'There's a guy that can make it. There's a guy I see as a champion for our company". Lombradi said. "I had a plan to help him get his name out there around the world and just to be seen by our fans at a higher level. I guess a term I use for him is that I was gonna strap a rocket to his back. As long as he worked hard, he was dedicated and did his part, I'd do mine."

The master of the "corkscrew stunner" has also been a regular on 'Being The Elite' with the Bullet Club. Gordon is always taunted on both the YouTube series and on ROH TV with the phrase "Where do you think you're going".

"Everywhere I go now, I have people yelling at me, 'Where do you think you're going?'. It's crazy the outreach they have with Being the Elite. A lot of the time I get comments, 'I've never seen you wrestle before, but I saw you on Being the Elite so I decided to check you out.' Because of that, they're seeing me on there, not even really seeing me wrestle, but it then gives them the opportunity to see me wrestle. I think people are getting to see a side of me they wouldn't get to see on ROH TV, that they won't see in a ring."

In December, Flip Gordon was involved in a "Twitter War" of sorts, as current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, was not too fond of a spot that Gordon was involved in at ROH's 'Final Battle' PPV.


"To be honest, I didn't even know who he was until he made that comment," Gordon said. "The fans, they loved that spot. After if you listen to it, the fans went nuts afterwards. They only saw a 30-second clip, they didn't see the whole thing that built to that spot. We didn't try to get attention or anything; it's been done many, many times. I had no idea people were gonna get that mad."


Despite what anyone has to say about that specific spot, Flip Gordon is still one of the most entertaining talents on ROH's roster. To read more into who Flip Gordon is, head over to ESPN.com and check out more of his interview with the site.

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