Former Wrestler Billy Jack Haynes Claims To Have Witnessed The Murders Of Two Teens In 1987


A former WWF wrestler comes to the forefront after 31 years.

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William Albert Haynes, better known as Billy Jack Haynes, who is remembered for his two year stint in the WWF has come to the forefront and opens up about some serious news. In 1986, Haynes feuded with "Macho Man" Randy Savage and following that, he would go onto have a match against Hercules Hernandez at WrestleMania III in 87'. The same year of WrestleMania III, Billy Jack Haynes claims that he witnessed the unsolved murders of two young boys in Arkansas; 17-year old Kevin Ives & 16-year old Don Henry.

For three decades now, people in the town of Alexander, Arkansas have wondered what truly happened to the two teens and over the years, the murders have developed the name: "Boys On The Tracks". But in a recent revelation, Billy Jack Haynes has claimed that he witnessed the killings. The issue with that is, after such a long period of time, why should investigators believe the former in-ring competitor now. Haynes stated in the video above, that he has been living with the guilt of witnessing the killings for too long and he finally had to reach out to the parents of the victims. The video also shows Haynes stating that he used to traffic cocaine, which was his cause for being in Arkansas at the time.

Throughout the video, the former WCCW Television Champion does not namedrop who he believes committed this act back in 1987, but describes the individual as a male "criminal politician".

Over the years, Haynes has been featured in numerous shoot interviews; one in particular where he blamed Stone Cold Steve Austin for the death of Roddy Piper, which you can listen to by clicking here. Haynes also sued the WWE in 2014, for mistreatment of wrestlers and hiding evidence of brain damaging injuries that wrestlers suffered while working for the company. In 2016, that case had been dismissed. 

The investigation of the "Boys on the Track" murders are still underway, but for further information and a deeper look into the case, head over to

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