Impact Wrestling Youtube Rankings: Broken Matt Hardy Still Draws, Drop For Rosemary, More

The WWE and USA Network often use Neilson ratings to gauge interest in their programs. With technology increasing, the ratings systems haven't changed that much, and we're stuck not getting an appropriate quarter-hour breakdown. brings you a breakdown of the company's weekly Youtube Rankings for each show.

Matt Hardy continues to draw, and it would appear that the bump for Rosemary's segments were a one week anomaly. Matt Hardy had two segments in the top drawing of Impact's Youtube videos, including one that smashed all others and featured him attacking a 'fan.' Bobby Lashley looking to unify all of the TNA singles titles also did well. Backstage segments for TNA all underperformed, which is saying something, because only four of the posted segments were actually wrestling matches.

Rosemary saw a giant drop from last week, falling out of the top half of the Youtube rankings. EC3 vs. Mike Bennett also didn't draw as much as one would expect, landing at number 7. It's worth noting that TNA's best numbers haven been falling below the Cruiserweight Classic of late as well.

You can see the previous week's Raw rankings at this link and Smackdown rankings at this link, NXT & CWC's at this link, and TNA's at this link. You can check out the last week's TNA Impact Youtube rankings as of 2:45 EST below.

  1. Matt Hardy Attacks Fan (80,390)
  2. Bobby Lashley confronts James Storm (58,662)
  3. King of The Mountain Match (44,360)
  4. Gail Kim vs. Sienna & Allie (38,348)
  5. Matt Hardy Wants More From His Obsolete Mule (35,921)
  6. Origin of Rosemary (31,090)
  7. EC3 vs. Mike Bennett (28,474)
  8. Gail Kim Talks To Maria and Allie (23,769)
  9. Drew Galloway's message to EC3 (14,947)
  10. Eli Drake backstage promo (11,219)

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