John Cena: Vin Diesel Literally Could Be WWE Champion Tomorrow

The Fast & Furious crew went from normal street racers who hijacked an 18-wheeler or two to superheroes in space.

The family members have become larger-than-life personalities who can hold their own in a fight, which could make them perfect WWE superstars.

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John Cena, who joined the Fast family for F9, has weighed in on who from the Fast series he thinks would be a good WWE superstar.

“So, we’re going to start with the easiest one: Vin Diesel," he said to VICE. "That name already says it all. He literally could be a WWE champion tomorrow. I think you have to have something that sort of encapsulates your persona, or provides the audience with guidance based on first impressions. Vin is in great physical condition, and the way he operates in fights – I would know firsthand! – he’s very forward and he’s got the torque and power of a Diesel truck. So I honestly think that’s a fitting name. You wouldn’t have to change a thing. The whole cast of F9 are kind of like WWE superstars in their own right. The movie is kind of built for that, and I think that’s one of the interesting things about the franchise. You look at both entities – WWE being globally successful and Fast & Furious being globally successful – they kind of stick to their core but aren’t afraid to expand. They’re very similar.”

Cena also had high praise for Ludacris and Cardi B, noting the crossover between rap and WWE.

"There are some wrestling identities that are just lay-ups and, like Vin Diesel, Ludacris is one of them. Ludacris would be great. With hip-hop, not only do you have to be skilled in what you do, you also have to create a personality for yourself, and Lud has done such a good job of creating that personality," he said about Ludacris. “Hip-hop superstars do run in very close correlation to WWE superstars, and I think he could literally snap and transition. Another great example of that is Bad Bunny; Bad Bunny came from music, had a performance in WrestleMania, and it’s like he’s been there forever. So I really think that Ludacris would do just fine!”

Speaking about Cardi B, Cena said, "Cardi B would be a hell of a WWE superstar too. What I admire most about her is she is authentically herself – through good, bad and indifferent – and I think that’s an admirable quality. To have enough confidence and love in yourself to be yourself in any given situation, I think that’s very impressive. She’s so identifiable as Cardi B, it would be tough for her to be anyone else. It’s not like Cardi B goes to record a track and then she’s a different person outside the studio – she’s always Cardi B. Cardi, Ludacris and Tyrese could all have their own entrance music!”

WWE was reportedly hoping to have Cardi B guest host SummerSlam, but no announcement has been made regarding her status.

WWE is also hoping to have Cena return at SummerSlam to face Roman Reigns. It is unknown when Cena will return to WWE television.

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