Johnny Impact Unsure About WWE Return Due To Heat With Triple H Over Battle Rap Parody

Johnny Impact isn't sure he'll be back in WWE thanks to parody video from six years ago.

Appearing on Behind The Lights with Alicia Atout and Anthony Carelli, Impact was asked about a battle rap parody he did in March 2012. In the video, Impact dressed as The Undertaker and Triple H, hurling rhymed insults back-and-forth in the name of entertainment. You can view the parody below.

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"I did that right when I left. Right when you leave WWE is when you have the biggest chip on your shoulder," said Impact. "I texted Hunter a couple of times and told him I was gonna do this battle rap video -- this was after I was completely gone -- and he asked, 'What do you mean?' I was like, I'm gonna dress up like you and Undertaker do battle raps back-and-forth and make fun of each other. He said, 'I don't understand, but go ahead.' Now, when I watch it back, I cringe a bit like, 'ooh, yikes.' I could do a better battle rap video now and I feel bad about some of the stuff I said."

Impact thought nothing of the parody and figured it flew under WWE's radar. Until he was hanging out with The Miz a few years ago.

"I was at Miz' New Years party two or three years ago," he said. "Everyone asks about a return to WWE and I'm like, I think I have a good relationship with WWE. I could probably go back. Miz goes, 'Ohhh, you know what, Hunter is bringing up that battle rap video.' [Hunter impression] 'Didn't Morrison do some weird rap video where he's burying me and Taker?' Until I heard that, I didn't think it was a thing. I figured he'd be too busy to realize it."

Johnny Impact left WWE in November 2011. He's thrived on the Independent scene, capturing the IMPACT Wrestling World Title at their recent Bound For Glory event. He also competes in Lucha Underground.


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