Johnny Jeter's Reaction To Spirit Squad Pitch: What The F---?

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and Spirit Squad member Johnny Jeter was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter. You can see the full interview at this link, and highlights below.

His feelings of the Spirit Squad gimmick:
"Well, it is kind of a catch 22. Coming from Ohio Valley where you are given the impression, "You're lucky to have a job. There are a million other wrestlers that could be here. Be grateful for every opportunity." So, an opportunity comes along... All of us at Ohio Valley kind of knew that when you get to WWE, you do whatever gimmick and then, after that, you can pretty much be whoever you want to be. You kind of have that in the back of your mind. They called the 5 of us up and they told us the idea for the 5 male cheerleaders. Initially, we all kind of looked at each other like, "What the f***?" (laughs) That s like the last thing that you'd ever expect to be called up doing! Initially, I can speak only for myself and not the other guys, I wasn't too happy about it. But, once I realized the opportunity that was being given to us and how much fun we could have with this and who we were going to wrestle... Again, you're getting called up to WWE! At that point in your career, you're not names. No one knows who you are. And, again, when the gimmick is over, and we didn't know how long or short it was going to be, you can always do what you want after that. They told you that. And, man, I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had! And, we got to wrestle with DX, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes! Anyone and everyone! We had a great time. And, eventually win the tag titles. Again, initially, not thrilled. But, we had a great time, made the most of it, and enjoyed it."

On working with the likes of Flair, Piper, and Dusty:
"It is like if you are playing a sport and you're playing with those who are your equals, you're not going to get any better. But, when you're in there with these veterans, man! The way they move, the amount of time they take, the story they want to tell in the match... Or, they could just say, "We'll see you out there kid!" That is a learning experience too! (laughs) OVW really prepared us for any situation. But, man, it really taught us to appreciate and respect these guys on another level."

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