Jon Moxley: Vince McMahon Used To Be A Genius, Now He Doesn't Know What The F--- Is Going On

Jon Moxley knows the problem in WWE.

Fans who listened to Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE) speak to Chris Jericho on a recent episode of Talk is Jericho, probably noticed a running theme. Moxley was frustrated with the verbiage scripted for him and not being able to change the mind of Vince McMahon. Frustrations mounted to the point where Moxley had enough, officially leaving WWE at the end of April once his contract expired.

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Now, free from the reigns of WWE, Moxley wants to help the company more than ever.

"Looking back, Vince [McMahon] is like...the problem. Vince himself is a problem," Moxley said in an interview with Wade Keller of PWTorch. "It's a shame. I'm telling you that's the problem. I was just there; I know the ins and outs. He's a problem. It's a shame because there's so much great talent. There may have never been more talent there. All the wrestlers are awesome. The pool of talent is incredible and the resources they have with the television and the Network. It should be so great. And the one guy screwing it up, I think, is Vince. Everybody seems to like NXT. I've never been there to see how the days go, so I can't speak about how it is in NXT. But everybody seems to like the show. What's the key ingredient that's missing? Vince. He's the guy who 'created wrestling.' Now he's the guy who's holding his own company back. He needs to step aside or take a break. Maybe he should let Hunter run things for a month and see what happens."

Moxley did have kind things to say about Mr. McMahon, even recalling a night where Vince showed that he can still be a genius. But those days seem to be few and far between.

"I have all the respect in the world for Vince because nobody works harder. But Vince is supposed to be a genius. There have been moments where I was wrong, and Vince was right -- I had a match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam [2014], and I want to build to a moment where I got him where I want him, but I have to punish him. My idea, which sounds ridiculous now, I wanted to take a pair of pliers from under the ring and go rip his tongue out. I was convinced it was a good idea. We pitch it to Vince and he goes, 'No, it's too much.' He said, 'Could you Curb Stomp him?' It was perfect. It was the most over thing in the match. After the match we're like, 'Ol VKM is still the man. He's still a genius.' -- I always try to give him the benefit of the doubt," said Moxley. "Even when I go to the ring and I think an idea sucks, but it's Vince's idea, I'm going to try my best because I might be wrong and Vince might be right. More often than not, I go out there and I go, 'Nope. This idea sucks.' Over time and looking back, I didn't see a lot of this 'genius' that is Vince McMahon. In the 80s he was a genius when he created Hulkamania and took over the territories. In 2019, I don't think he knows what the fuck is going on. He needs to figure it out or step aside."

Moxley has been very outspoken since leaving WWE, doing interviews with multiple outlets. You can find more quotes from Moxley by clicking here.

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