Kenny Omega Reveals The Secret Behind The 'North Carolina' References In His Introduction

Since becoming a singles competitor once again, Kenny Omega has found his confidence and reminded the world of his accolades.

All you have to do is listen to his introduction by Justin Roberts to remember just a handful of Omega's accomplishments. Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Former IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Number One on the PWI500 in 2018, Three-Time Tokyo Sports Best Bout of the Year Winner, talked about multiple times on Fightful podcasts.

He's also wrestled inside the Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you're wondering why Roberts mentions North Carolina during Omega's introduction, you're not alone. Lance Storm pondered the same question and Omega peeled back the layers.

Michael Jordan was given a rowdy introduction by the Chicago Bulls, but you never saw Benny with a broom as Jordan made his way onto the court, now did you?

Score one for The Cleaner.

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