Kevin Nash: I Want AEW To Succeed, AEW Being A Viable Option Is Huge For The Longevity Of Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash wants AEW to succeed.

Kevin Nash has been outspoken about his criticism of AEW, and he often speaks positively about WWE. However, the legend recently made it clear that he wants AEW to do well.

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Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash brought up a clip of Tony Khan that went viral online.

"I was able to give some feedback. [Oliver asks if he got a question from anyone in the clip] I might have. [Oliver asks if he got to impart some Kevin Nash wisdom.] Yes. I don’t know how it landed. To me, I think it was kind of like, okay," Nash said.

Nash noted that it may have started as an answer to a question and turned into advice. He then drew an analogy to giving someone advice when they were new at changing a tire. Nash went on to state that he wanted AEW to succeed.

“It’s no different than when you see somebody, and they’ve never changed a tire before, and they jack the car up first, and then try to get the lugnuts, and you tell them, ‘Dude, you need to have the pressure of the car’s weight so you can undo the lugnuts]. Just little simple things like that, I don’t think you’re being a dick. I think you’re being constructive. If you have no idea whatsoever how to change a tire, maybe somebody that’s changed some tires in their life could give you a little bit of a fucking first step. In all honesty, I absolutely want AEW to succeed. Number one, I’ve got friends that work there in production, in all different aspects, not just guys that are in front of the camera. I think their being a viable option is huge for the longevity of the business," Nash said.

Nash then noted that the interaction was short, sweet, and simple, and he handled it with respect because he has respect for "him". The WWE Hall of Famer went on to criticize AEW's current product and suggested that the company should start booking months in advice and working backward from there.

Nash recently responded to Will Ospreay's shot at Triple H. Check out his comments here.

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