Kevin Owens Expresses That He Has Zero Interest In Leaving The WWE

Kevin Owens makes it clear that he is not going anywhere.

The four year anniversary of Kevin Owens signing with WWE was a little over two weeks ago. Throughout his time in the sports-entertainment company Kevin Owens has captured the NXT Championship, the Universal Championship and won the Intercontinental and United States Titles on numerous occasions. Prior to coming into the WWE K.O. racked up the accolades on the independent wrestling scene to the point where he found himself on WWE's radar.

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Kevin Owens has also found himself on the receiving end of Braun Strowman beat-downs as of late on WWE TV. Owens has been thrown off the stage while he was in a port a-potty, tossed off a 20-foot Ladder and a Steel Cage by Strowman but Owens has no interest in trading any of that in. Kevin Owens was interviewed by Gorilla Position during SummerSlam weekend and during the interview Owens explained that he misses his friends on the independents but there he has zero interest in returning to his old stomping grounds as an in-ring performer.

“No, I mean I miss those guys themselves. I miss the human beings and I miss spending time with them but being in WWE is always what I’ve wanted and I've said this before in interviews: I got signed at the perfect time because I was really sick of being on the indies you know like, the indies have changed since then obviously--it might be less, like I have no idea what the indies are like now, but at the time that I was there, I was pretty much at the epitome of what I could’ve accomplished on the indies and I was really, really ready to get out." Owens stated. "So WWE snatched me up at the perfect time for me and I never wanna go back. I’m glad to see it thriving but that’s not where I want to be. I want to be here. I just signed a new contract with WWE and this is where I want to be so, I can’t really foresee that ever changing, but again, there’s nothing negative about the indies getting this big and people getting to do all these special things. It's great for everybody including WWE in my opinion."


On a related note, Kevin Owens was tossed off a Steel Cage at the 'Extreme Rules' PPV which turned out to be a moment that indirectly paid homage to Mick Foley's infamous 'Hell In A Cell' spot. During Owens' interview with Gorilla Position he shared that Mick Foley reached out to him following the Steel Cage bump but Owens added that out of respect he will never compare the fall he took to the one that Mick Foley took.

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