Kevin Owens: Vince And I Don't F--Ing Hug, But We Did After Zayn Match

Kevin Owens reflects on his relationship with Vince McMahon and a touching moment he shared with Vince following his Battleground 2016 match against Sami Zayn.

On the Break It Down series on the WWE Network, Kevin Owens discussed the correlating events of his match with Sami Zayn, the fans’ mass approval on that day, and an uncharacteristic moment for Vince McMahon afterward.

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“So we had been at each other's throat for a long time leading into that match, but every match we'd had, the crowd seemed to be asking for more, which is always a great feeling and it's hard because we have been doing it for so long,” Owens said. “So for us together, it's hard to know what might feel fresh because we feel like we've literally been doing this forever. But that night was special. I don't know. We just left it all out there.”

For Owens and Zayn, their hard work paid off as the audience loved what they put on display and it led to a moment between Kevin and Vince McMahon that was memorable, if only because it was so unusual for Vince and Kevin's relationship.

“The crowd ate up everything we did and rarely do I come back from a match and visibly celebrate [but] when I came back from that one, the first thing I did through the curtain was fucking scream my head off,” Kebin continued. “I knew it was special because Vince was standing up and when I went over to him to shake his hand, he pulled me in for a huge hug and Vince and I don't fucking hug. That's not the relationship we have.”

Owens would get to work with Vince McMahon on-screen in a brief angle where Kevin would beat up McMahon en route to building his Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon in 2017.

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