Killer Kross On Why He Didn't Want To Blade In Slammiversary Match

Killer Kross' refusal to blade in a match against Eddie Edwards earlier this year may have played a major role in the issues between Kross and Impact Wrestling.

It's been widely known that the two sides have had ongoing problems with Impact reportedly not allowing him to wrestle at a AAA show at Madison Square Garden on September 15. Among the issues the two have had were also the matter of Kross' royalties due to merchandise sales, according to him in an interview with Sporting News.

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But when asked about being asked by Impact to blade for a match against Edwards at Slammiversary, Kross wanted to make sure that his refusal had nothing to do with Edwards himself.

"I want it to be understood that I absolutely love Eddie Edwards. I actually used to call him 'The Commander.' That was my nickname for him because I looked at him as the guy who set the standard for work ethic and passion and dedication in the company. He had been there for an extended period of time and had some of the best matches in the company's history and it was a great pleasure to work with him. Eddie and I had an idea for what we wanted to do that night and the company had a different idea. Eddie and I did the best we could with it. Obviously, there's a story out there and people are discussing it with the whole blood issue. I was pretty pissed about that," Kross said.

Kross would go on to reveal the real reason he didn't want to blade and that was due to a recent spread of Hepatitis C on the independent scene. Kross wanted to eliminate any risk of him getting the disease and so blading was out of the question for him.

"One-hundred percent and I brought that up that day. I talked about it with everyone that day. Some people knew about it, some people didn't. I was really blown away that they were so interested in going in that direction. Why did we have to do it like that? I just did not understand at all. I actually spoke with Tommy Dreamer and I told him I was absolutely not doing that. It's just infuriating," Kross said.

The full interview can be seen at this link.

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