Kofi Kingston And Becky Lynch Discuss Bret Hart Being Attacked At WWE Hall Of Fame

Last Saturday at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, fans were left stunned when a man by the name of Zachary Madsen rushed the staged and attacked Bret Hart during his speech. Fortunately, wrestlers immediately got into the ring and jumped on Madsen while others attended to Hart. Hart suffered no injuries from the attack.

Appearing on WFAN, new champions Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch discussed the incident.

"Our fans are very passionate, to say the least. It's one of those things where you just never know. A lot of people didn't know what was going on until it was actually happening. We did what we had to do and got in there. (It was not scripted), not at all. Not even close," stated Kingston.

Kingston, along with New Day members Big E & Xavier Woods, was among those who jumped into the ring to check on Hart after the attack.

Becky continued, saying, "I trust our team and you can see how quickly the people reacted. In the wrestling industry, stuff like that, we're used to seeing. For some people, it would almost be jarring. But the likes of Kofi were in there like a shot. And the situation was taken care of. We have some quick thinkers and great security, so we're never really worried about it."

Madsen was charged with 2 counts of assault in the 3rd degree and disorderly conduct. He is currently out on bond.

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