Many fans were upset when Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston in just eight seconds to win the WWE Championship when SmackDown premiered on Fox. Kofi's six-month title reign ended with one F5 and in the aftermath of the loss, Kofi has since moved back to the tag team division, with little to no follow-up to his WWE Title reign.

Appearing on WWE After The Bell alongside New Day stablemates Big E and Xavier Woods, Kofi discussed the loss and why it doesn't bother him the way it bothers fans.

"A lot of people will be on my social media and be like, 'Kofi, you're out there and acting like you don't care. Did you forget you were the champion?' I'm like, you're asking my on-screen character to be angry like it was my real character," said Kofi. "The reality, I'm on-screen, I'm a good guy who lost in eight seconds. As far as making a case for a rematch, what would my character have to say? You're wanting my real-life character to take on this anger and be mad with what happened on-screen. It's a weird conundrum. For me, personally, I've always approached this business as someone who is trying to move forward. You can't dwell on one day. There's been a lot of days that have been 'negative,' for lack of a better term. If you dwell on those, you're miserable and don't want to come to work. For me, I'm just trying to push forward. It's a waste of time to dwell on the negative aspect of things. I appreciate the passion people have, but I'm puzzled by the anger some people have towards me because I'm not the one making those decisions."

Big E chimed in, praising Kofi for his attitude and how he handled the loss, revealing he may not have taken the same approach.

"Kofi is a lot more level-headed than maybe anyone else I've ever met in the business. I was irate when I found out about it. I think that's a testament to Kofi. Very few people would have that same approach and be able to move on and not have this feeling of sour grapes," he said.

Xavier Woods added, "Especially when you take into account the importance of Kofi winning the title and how it came about. The whole story was incredible and inspiring to so many people. For it to end the way it did, I can understand the frustration people have, but I feel like the anger is possibly misplaced. We want to make sure people are taking a look at the larger picture."

Previously, Kofi did say he was disappointed in losing the WWE Title in just seconds to Lesnar. You can view his full comments by clicking here.

Kingston now holds one half of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships alongside Big E. The two are scheduled to defend the titles against The Revival at WWE TLC.

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