Konnan Details Altercation Where He Was Slapped By Psicosis II

At the IMPACT Wrestling television tapings in Mexico on Jan. 17, Konnan was slapped by Psicosis II over past issues between the two. Psicosis II is not the same Psicosis who worked in WCW. 

The altercation was filmed, and Konnan reportedly told the press after the incident that it was no big deal. The issue seemed to stem from Psicosis II being angry at Konnan for not using him in Lucha Libre AAA. Speaking on his Keepin It 100 podcast, Konnan revealed that the issue between the two dates back over a decade. 

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"Around 12 years ago, we decided to do Psicosis vs. Psicosis II," Konnan recalled. "When Psicosis comes back, they get into these street fights and the other guy is taking liberties. Psicosis is telling me, 'I didn't come here to be fighting this guy every night. He's mental.' I go up to Psicosis II and go, 'What's your problem?' He goes, 'We're out there working. I'm trying to make it look good.' I go, 'No, you're taking liberties because you're trying to prove to everybody that you're better than him because you've been getting heat for being the imposter.' He went out there and tried to legitimately hurt Psicosis. They were supposed to face at this big event and Psicosis just didn't show up. That's how serious I knew it was. Psicosis said, 'Fuck that guy. I'm gonna go there and end up stabbing him.' We started not to use Psicosis II, so now he's thinking that I have something against him personally."

According to Konnan, Psicosis II was getting booked by AAA again when Vampiro was in charge, but when Konnan returned, he viewed Psicosis II as a guy they didn't need. All of this led to the Twitter exchange in December, where Konnan questioned why no company was using Psicosis II and Psicosis II claiming he would see him in January. 

Konnan then detailed what happened outside the IMPACT tapings when he was slapped by Psicosis II.

"I show up to the show, I'm alone and getting out of a van, and next thing I see, he's coming with a bunch of guys and a guy filming. I'm thinking, he's probably trying to tape something for his website to get a buzz," he said. "It escalates and he's screaming, 'Fuck you, I'm the original Psicosis, you need to respect me.' I'm thinking he's going to jump me. I'm trying to defuse the situation and he slaps me. I'm thinking, 'If I hit him, I know I'm going to get jumped.' If we would have been one-on-one, I would have punched the shit out of him, even with a bad heart, because that would have been my first reaction. I'm thinking, 'let me get out of here so I can get into the dressing room so I can get everybody out.' That's what I did, I went into the dressing room. By the time they went out, he was gone."

He continued, "Then I find out when doing an interview with the press that they were trying to sell the video for money. He was trying to film a video, trying to get paid, trying to get a buzz. Since no press paid, they just leaked it on their own. What a humongous mistake he made. What a mental case."

Konnan questioned the mental state of Psicosis II more than once during the podcast and said multiple times that he made a mistake by slapping him. Konnan also said that wrestlers have told him that when they see Psicosis II, they're going to destroy him. 

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