Lost Episode Of Zack Ryder's YouTube Series Features John Cena In A Box vs. Tin Foil-Covered Trent

The lost episode of Z! True Long Island Story is something to behold and the world may never behold it.

Many have fond memories of Zack Ryder's DIY YouTube show that elevated him to a higher level in WWE and many have credited the show with launching WWE's interest in social media.

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There is a lost episode of the Beloved series and Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, says it is too weird to ever see the light of day and that is thanks to you AEW star Trent.

“Now, forgive me, I don't recall exactly what episode number it is. For the sake of this conversation, let's say it's 75. Episode seventy-five of Z! True Island Story... At this time, it's on the WWE YouTube channel, but it's still me doing everything. I'm editing it. I'm buying everything. But now I have to send it to WWE and then they really approve it before they put it up,” Cardona said on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. “At the time, Trent was out with an injury and we were doing these weird skits on the show called ‘Where's Trent?’ I would let Trent have, whatever, 30 seconds to a minute to film whatever he wanted to film. He would film some really weird stuff. Rob McIntyre, Cena's trainer. All the guys used to train there for FCW, He's a weird mother-effer, too. I love Rob. He's great. He makes a lot of cool, creative stuff. He was filming all of Trent's stuff. So Rob and I became friends through this where he would just send me every week something weird and I would just take it. I wouldn't touch it. I'd put it right to the show. Half the time, honestly, I had no idea what was going on, but it was Trent's angle. So they had filmed something. It was like ten minutes long, the finale to ‘Where's Trent?’”

Cardona continued, “What's going on in this video, it's all these guys, who have since become stars, but they're in FCW doing these weird things in the gym and Trent, his alter ego, I guess, is something called 'Foil Man,' where his head is just him wrapped in tinfoil and he's taking on. He has his big showdown in John Cena's gym against 'Box Man' and 'Box Man' is John Cena in a Ribeira jacket, wearing a giant square box on his head, covered in covered 'DZ vs. ZR' stickers.”

Cardona would go on to say that many within WWE simply didn't understand the show and thought it was just him talking into a cell phone for 3 minutes. WWE would not approve of the episode being released so it stayed in Cardona's personal collection but he will not release it because he feels it is not his place to do so.

“So I do have both episodes. I will not air them because what people were doing in those videos then they might have okayed, I'm not sure they would okay it now. Not that anyone is doing anything inappropriate or vulgar or, you know, it was just like they gave the okay then, then it's not my place to air it.”

Cardona is very excited about his future, especially his new theme song and ring gear both of which are nearing completion. Learn more at this link.

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