Matt Cardona Reflects On Facing Adam Copeland On 3/30 AEW Collision, Says He Would Love A Round Two

Matt Cardona wants a rematch.

On the March 30 episode of AEW Collision, Matt Cardona answered Adam Copeland's open challenge for the TNT Championship. Copeland scored the win in what Cardona had previously called his top dream match.

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Speaking with Tim Battle and Eli on the Battleground podcast, Cardona was asked whether there was anything he would do differently about the match.

“Well, I’d try to fucking win [laughs]. I did try to win, but I did not win. But man, that night, it was such a spur-of the-moment deal, and that entrance, having that entrance kind of made these four years worth it in the sense that I never wanted to prove anybody wrong. If I do, great. But that wasn’t the mission. It was about proving myself right and my fans right. When I heard the ‘Holy shit’ chants during my entrance, I said, I think I proved myself right. I think I proved my fans right. I got goosebumps right now just talking about it because it was a dream match that I thought I would never get. First, we’re the Edgeheads. We have the big match at WrestleMania, Edge versus Undertaker, Hawkins and Ryder do a run-in. That’s WrestleMania 24. I was just so naive because everything was just clicking for us. I’m like, oh, next year, we’ll probably do a Triple Threat, Edge versus Hawkins versus Ryder. No, the next year, Hawkins and Ryder are lumberjacks in the pre-show tag team match [laughs]. So I thought, oh, man. Then Edge has to retire, like I’m never gonna have the match. Then he comes back to WWE, I get fired from WWE. Like all right, are we ever gonna have this match? Then he’s in AEW. I was like, it could possibly happen here because AEW, that Forbidden Door, they let anybody in if the opportunity’s right. The Cope Open was there. I accepted, and it was literally a dream come true," Cardona said.

After noting that he had never watched the match back because he did not want to ruin it for himself, Cardona teased his interest in a rematch.

“Once I got a taste of it, man, I would love a round two. Certainly would love a round two," Cardona said.

Matt Cardona previously discussed how his match against Adam Copeland came together. Check out his comments here.

Cardona is now the General Manager of GCW. More information is available here.

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