Matt Hardy Says Patience Is Key In Introducing Other Characters In The Broken Universe To WWE

It'll take time for the rest of the Broken Universe to appear in the WWE.

But Matt Hardy seems to think it'll happen. In an interview with IGN, when asked about characters like Vanguard 1 and  Senor Benjamin that were frequently seen during the Broken character's run on Impact, Matt Hardy was very open to the idea of these characters also appearing on WWE television soon:

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I think so. Yes. Everything we do in the "Woken" universe is so fantastical that wrestling fans, especially younger kids, who only know Matt Hardy from tag team matches or Team Xtreme or whatnot, they need to learn what I am before we can start expanding. Before I can introduce you to a Queen Rebecca or a King Maxel or a Señor Benjamin or Vanguard 1. There are even other characters to bring in too. But patience is key. The fans who are in the know just need to wait a little bit for other fans to get to know the character.

Hardy later posted the following on Twitter, reaffirming the familiar characters may pop up on WWE television soon:

Woken Matt Hardy continues to build steam on Raw since his change, currently feuding with Bray Wyatt.

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