Matt Hardy Shares Behind The Scenes Details On Final Deletion, Says It Was Done In 19 Hours

With the famous Final Deletion match that was done on IMPACT Wrestling years ago being briefly back in the news, Matt decided to share some interesting tidbits on the filming for the match.

IMPACT Wrestling recently named Final Deletion, which saw "Broken" Matt Hardy beat Jeff, as its match of the decade and in a video on his official YouTube channel, Matt talked about the behind the scenes aspect of making the match. Matt said the crew that was used for the production was actually very small and only a handful of people outside of the two Hardy brothers actually worked on it on the day of filming.

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"I felt like we did something groundbreaking when we did the Final Deletion. A little bit of the backstory behind it, it was such a small crew. You'd think that the Final Deletion was this big crew. We were really learning on the fly. We had no idea what was going on. From a production standpoint, we had the mastermind Jeremy Borash [and others]. Obviously, we had the performance and I wrote the thing and produced the thing. It was a definitely a combined effort. It was myself, my brother Jeff, Brother Nero, Queen Rebecca, Senor Benjamin, King Maxwell, Kevin Keenan was part of it and if I'm not mistaken, that was everybody," Matt said.

Matt then went on to break down how the filming process went and said it was all done within the span of less than 24 hours. Matt admitted that most of the filming was finished before he could get some sleep. He only slept for a couple of hours before wrapping up the filming with the shot of Matt driving a lawnmower throughout Jeff's yard. 

"We did this pretty quick in the grand scheme of things. We started at about 3 p.m. The first shot that we did was the actual first shot that you see in the Final Deletion, Maxwell's birthday party which was at the Dome of Deletion. That was the very first thing we shot that day and the next thing that we shot was Jeff at his house when Vanguard-1 shows up and all the drones and he's swatting them with the guitar. That was shot then. The next thing we shot was when I was at the battlefield with Senor Benjamin and he was digging and you could see it's starting to become dusk, it's almost night time. That was the next thing that we shot. Once it got dark, we brought the referee in and we started the match. We fought all throughout the night and we were racing by the time the sun was ready to come up like at 6 a.m., 6:30 a.m. whatever it was. We fought all throughout the night, we shot it all. We came back to our respective houses, slept for a couple of hours. We got up and the very last shot that we did was the lawnmower scene and I'd been burned the night before so I was in pain and trying not to sell at all and being huge and orgasmic and legitimately ruin Jeff's yard and designs he worked so hard to put to his yard. So that was the final thing we shot and we did everything in about 19 hours from start to finish and it was almost 20 minutes of content," Matt said.

The full video can be seen at the top of the page. 

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