Matt Riddle Discusses Marijuana's Effect On His Career

Matt Riddle is not bashful about his Marijuana use. 

In 2013, Matt Riddle was released from his UFC contract due to testing positive twice for Marijuana. Those two positive tests turned his four fight win streak into two wins and two no-contests. In an interview with Vice Sports, Riddle talked about his new career in professional wrestling and his choice to use Marijuana for pain management and recreationally. Riddle said surgeries resulting from mixed-martial-arts opened his eyes to the harms of pharmaceuticals. 

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“I did my research. I’ve had hand surgeries, I’ve used pharmaceuticals, and I felt like, ‘Holy shit, this is addicting and I shouldn't be taking this because I want to take more and I’m not even in pain.’ Marijuana never felt like that. I just like the way it makes me feel. I’m about to be 32, I barely work out, and I’m shredded. I don’t think it’s because of the weed, but I don’t think it’s hurting me either," said Riddle. 

In the early part of Riddle's professional wrestling career he had a tryout at WWE. He was not selected but they suggested he work with EVOLVE Wrestling. Riddle believes his thoughts on weed kept him out of WWE but he says he would not have a problem transitioning to a less marijuana-friendly environment for the right amount of money. 

 “It wasn’t that I failed a drug test. It was my political stance on marijuana. It was the fact that I think it should be recreationally legal, it should be medically legal," said Riddle "If the money was right with WWE and they said you have to quit smoking, I’d quit smoking. If New Japan was down, I wouldn't bring weed to Japan. I’m not an idiot. I know (the Japanese) drink, so I’d still enjoy myself,” he added later. 

However, Riddle said he is happy wrestling in independent promotions because of the finances and the schedule. 

"Honestly, right now I make six figures. I make my own merch. I’m the main or co-main event of every show I’m on. I get to be me and I get to wrestle like I want to. Can they promise me that? If not, why would I go to WWE to probably make less money and be gone more? By the time they do pick me up, if they decide to, I’ll be worth so much more,” said Riddle. 

Also during the interview, Riddle discussed the differences between being a legitimate fighter and professional wrestling. He spoke about his weight cuts in mixed-martial-arts, the art of selling in wrestling, and how he learned to be himself in the professional wrestling ring. 

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