Matt Riddle: NXT Is Not The Same Kind Of Watered Down Child's Product That WWE’s Kind Of Turned Into

Riddle thinks that it is possible for NXT to get near the level of RAW and SmackDown Live.

"The King Of Bros" and Fightful alum Matt Riddle recently chatted with TMZ Sports while he was with the NXT crew on the way to their next show. Riddle spoke about the growth of the NXT brand and explained from his viewpoint why the hardcore wrestling fan-base is more attracted to NXT than RAW and/or SmackDown and here's what Riddle had to say regarding that:

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“I think we’re just different and I know that’s the easy thing to say but I would say we’re different, we’re new, we’re fresh and we’re not the same kind of watered down child’s product that WWE’s kind of turned into a lot." Riddle explained. "So people watch us even though it’s scripted a lot of the time, it’s more real. It’s more believable.”

Riddle went on to say that he was recently thinking about the possibility of getting called up to the main roster but rethought it because NXT is the place to be and he wants to grow the brand to make it as big, if not bigger than the main roster brands.

“Funny enough, I was thinking about it the other day and I wanna get to the main roster, but then I was thinking, well maybe I’m thinking about it wrong because NXT is so hot. Maybe we should stay and try to build NXT and make it bigger than RAW and SmackDown and just be like the big guy." He continued, "You know, which isn’t impossible I don’t think. I think the big thing is, Vince [McMahon] owns RAW, SmackDown, he owns everything and those are his babies. He’s had them forever so, I think the probability of NXT taking over at that level, probably hard. But at the same time, I don’t see it too far from the future as far as being on the same playing field as RAW and SmackDown.”

Matt Riddle was then asked who he'd like to mix it up with on the main roster and stated that he normally would say Cesaro because of Cesaro's athleticism but it when Riddle competed at Madison Square Garden the day after Christmas and got to chat it up with John Cena, his preference about who he'd like to face on the main roster changed.

“You know, before I would say Cesaro just because he’s so athletic and stuff like that, but after going to Madison Square Garden and having a chat with John Cena, I think I wanna fight John Cena. I mean he might want to wrestle but I kinda want to fight him. See what he does.” Riddle expressed.


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