Mauro Ranallo: "There Will Be Hours Before The Card Where I'm In My Hotel Room Wondering Can I Even Go Through With This"

Mauro Ranallo continues to share his story.

Mauro Ranallo's voice has been behind the action of pro wrestling, Boxing, and MMA since he began his career as a commentator nearly 18 years ago. Ranallo has been a part of New Japan Pro Wrestling where he commentated alongside former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett. Mauro was also the play-by-play announcer for the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight last summer and he currently works as a broadcaster for 'Showtime Networks' and is the voice behind the action of NXT.

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To kick-start 2016 Mauro Ranallo transitioned into the lead commentator role of SmackDown Live. Not too long after his debut Mauro was dubbed "The Voice Of SmackDown" but after only one year Mauro took a leave of absence from the commentary desk. There were a number of reasons that were presented by both WWE and Mauro as to why he was not at calling the action for SmackDown on a weekly basis but it soon came to the forefront that Mauro was dealing with depression and one of the reported reasons for that depression came by way of his color commentator John Bradshaw Layfield who was said to have been "bullying" Mauro. WWE and Mauro Ranallo mutually agreed to part ways in April of 2017 but Mauro would soon return to the company as the lead commentator for the NXT brand just a few months later.

Now, Mauro Ranallo has a documentary that is airing tonight on 'Showtime' entitled 'Bipolar Rock ‘N Roller' which features some of Mauro's most vulnerable moments as he fights his mental health problems. Brian Fritz of Sporting News had the opportunity to speak with Mauro and during their conversation Mauro shared that there are times before shows when his disorder begins to gain the upper hand over him.

“There will be hours before the card where I'm in my hotel room wondering can I even go through with this or wondering if this is the night that I'm exposed as a fraud,” says Ranallo. “Then, you reach the highest high and then I'm at the hotel room crying, wondering 'Wow, that was embarrassing. I'm embarrassed myself. I embarrassed Showtime, I suck.' It's a constant battle.”

In the documentary it will be revealed that Mauro Ranallo uses cannabis to calm himself down and he stated that if using it costs him anything professionally then so be it. Mauro does not use it on air but it is the best way in his eyes to ease his mind when he is not feeling up to par.

“If this costs me anything professionally, so be it,” says Ranallo. “I'm more than willing to be a so-called casualty for this cause because this is something that is impacting us to the point where I've met and know more people than I care to acknowledge that have killed themselves, and I know what suicide has done and it's so unnecessary. I know why I was almost going to kill myself. I know what I was able to do in order not to."


Mauro Ranallo also spoke on knowing that he is a unique commentator and wanting to separate himself from everyone who has done his job before him, and more. To read the full interview, click here.

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