Nick Khan Says WWE Sale Could Happen, 'Quick, Maybe Three Months'

Nick Khan provides more insight into a potential WWE sale.

On January 12, WWE announced that they engaged with outside advisors to review strategic alternatives in relation to upcoming media rights negotiations. One strategic alternative is a potential sale of the company, which would happen before media rights deals for WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown are locked in.

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Appearing on CNBC, Nick Khan said the market is robust for the WWE product and if a sale comes together, he expects it to happen fast.

"Quick. I think it's going to be a fast process. Maybe three months," he said.

Vince McMahon, who retired in July 2022, returned to WWE as a member of the board on January 6, claiming he needed to present for media rights negotiations as the founder and controlling shareholder.

When asked if Vince was on board with a sale and if he would be willing to step aside in favor of the new owners, Khan replied, "You're right, it's very tough to take control from him, and he's built an empire that has certainly been good by me and for me. Vince has declared to the board, to me, and to other management that he is 100% open to a transaction where he is not included in the company moving forward. I really believe he's looking for the best value for the shareholders. Keep in mind, he's also a large shareholder. He's 77 years old and I think he's ready to take a look at the landscape."

Khan was posed the same question later in the interview and reiterated his answer. He was also asked if Vince was involved in the creative process since returning, and he echoed Triple H's comments from the financials call, that McMahon has not been involved creatively since returning to the board.

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