Paul Heyman Names The Number One Quality Needed To Be A ‘Paul Heyman Guy’

Paul Heyman is one of the most celebrated minds in the world of professional wrestling in modern years. Having led such names as CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and Steve Austin through the minefields of the wrestling industry, it is now seen as a badge of honor to be considered a “Paul Heyman Guy.”

Speaking on the most recent episode of Talking Smack, the “Mad Scientist of ECW” detailed the most important quality needed to be a “Paul Heyman Guy,” a belief in yourself and the desire to manifest a larger-than-life legacy.

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“A subservience to the bigger vision from both the talent -- and a willingness to do everything and everything to serve that talent from me. If I don't believe -- I can't sit here and read a script written for me by writers. I've never been good at it. If that was my job, I would have lasted six months in this business I would have sucked at it Everything I said, about all of the names that you mentioned, from CM Punk, to RVD, to Rey Mysterio, to Brock Lesnar, and to Roman Reigns -- and for the record, I don't think Roman Reigns is a 'Paul Heyman Guy,' I think Paul Heyman is a 'Roman Reigns Guy,' but still, when you look at it, they are subservient to the bigger vision,” said Heyman. “It's like being in politics, if you're in politics for the right reasons, it's because you're there to serve, you serve the constituency and the talent must serve the vision.”

He continued, “I must be willing, on behalf of that talent, to be a fixer, to be an advocate, to be special counsel and to do anything, to sell my dignity at the lowest possible price, let alone the highest possible price, for the vision of the talent for himself. If they don't think of themselves as -- forget about being worthy, about being on Mount Rushmore, they have to say to themselves, ‘I want to be all four faces on Mount Rushmore. I want to own it all. I want them to change WWE to my name.’”

Paul Heyman would credit Booker T for taking a chance on himself in 2001 by turning down the guaranteed money in his WCW contract to come to WWE and mix it up with names such as Steve Austin and The Rock, citing Booker T as a perfect example of having the belief in yourself to know you can be more.

Paul Heyman will walk alongside Roman Reigns as he enters Hell in a Cell for the 4th time against Jey Uso this Sunday in an I Quit Match for the WWE Universal Championship.

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