PCO Reveals 'The Biggest High Spot On The WRLD On GCW' In Ladder Match Was Cut Due To Time

The Grab The Brass Ring ladder match kicked off The WRLD on GCW and was filled with crazy spots, including G-Raver and AJ Gray taking tough tumbles off the ladder.

PCO has become known for taking insane bumps and while that was on display in the ladder match, he told Busted Open Radio that the biggest high spot of the night was actually cut from the match.

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"We were really tight on time and they wanted to make sure everyone would have enough time towards the end of the show. We're the opener and kicking off with a good vibe. The biggest high spot of the whole show, we had to cut it off. That really pissed me off [laughs]. It was a pretty crazy bump that was supposed to come towards the end and we had to go straight towards the finish. That's part of the business. It's cool to see guys put egos to the side so everyone has enough time to do what they have to do. On one side, I'm very appreciative to the way everyone reacted. On the other side, I wish we could have had an extra two minutes to lead up to that," he said.

AJ Gray, who was a late addition to the ladder match, ended up grabbing the brass ring.

At the age of 54, PCO is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down as he's signed to IMPACT and still working various Independent dates.

When asked how his body is feeling, PCO said, "Sabu came up to me and goes, 'how does your body feeling?' I feel great. I don't have pain or back problems or no problems whatsoever. Sometimes, I do get banged up. I did take a crazy bump in GCW two or three weeks ago where I'm going for the moonsault and Jay Briscoe shoved me off the top and to the floor. There is no mat over there and I did bang my bump a little bit. It's sensitive when you touch it, but it doesn't stop me from landing on my back or doing ay other things, doing a moonsault from the top. It doesn't bother me. It's not 100%. Little bumps happen, but it's not in the overall structure of my body like I'm jammed on the back or I can't lift my arm or it's hard to walk. I feel in super top shape. For me, even though I couldn't run on the gimmick only, part of this character is being not human, so I have to bring the physicality to be happy with my character."

PCO also revealed that he will begin using the Bubba Bomb (Full nelson slam onto the butt), which he's renamed The Electric Chair, as his finisher in IMPACT.

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