PJ Black Feels That He Could Be A Part Of Either NJPW's Heavyweight Or Junior Heavyweight Divisions

PJ Black hints at competing for New Japan.

Ring Of Honor star and former Lucha Underground Trios Champion PJ Black is in his 22nd year as a professional wrestler. PJ has worked in WWE, currently works with the National Wrestling Alliance and wrestled in the U.K. and South Africa. He is currently contracted to ROH where he is a veteran in a locker room mixed with fellow veterans and a new crop of talent from today's generation. PJ Black is also looking to have a run in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is well known that ROH and NJPW have a working relationship and while being interviewed by Comicbook.com, PJ Black shared that he has been talking with NJPW but did not offer too much detail about that. He said that when the two sides spoke, he alerted them that he was interested in being a part of the heavyweight division.

"I've been talking to them. I don't want to say too much. Discussions have been going on for quite some time and obviously they're partners with Ring Of Honor. I feel like it's just a matter of time. Things with them, with the communication gap, that takes a bit unfortunately. I have friends there that it took them years of negotiation. I spoke to A.J Styles and it took him literally like three or four years to negotiate a good deal with them. Only time will tell, but I feel like it's definitely going to happen. Actually, I told them I want to be a heavyweight. I'm on the cusp right now, where I could go either way. I feel like I can contribute to the heavyweight division a lot." He said.

PJ Black caught wind of the Jon Moxley interview with Chris Jericho that made the rounds. Black had his own similar experiences working for the sports-entertainment company and shared that most wrestlers had those times when they felt creatively locked down in WWE.

"Oh yes. I think everyone has. You get to a certain point when they trust you a little more and you can start writing your own stuff but for some reason, for some guys it just always reverts back to that, where you have to get stuff cleared and they want you to say stuff line-by-line, and that's where the creative freedom comes in, and it's not only with promos. It's with matches, it's with time, it's with what you wear. I feel like they just micromanage everything, and to a certain extent, that does work and some people do need that. A lot of us are artists and you can't handcuff us and tell us, 'This is the way we need it done.' Again, for some people that's fine but a lot of people are not like that." Black said of WWE.

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