Report: Sammy Guevara Pulled From IMPACT Tapings After Creative Issues

Sammy Guevara is taking a break from Daily's Place, but it doesn't look like he's in the IMPACT Zone any time soon.

On the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara told Chris Jericho he was leaving the Inner Circle faction. After he walked away from the group, he would tell Alex Marvez that he needed a break from “this place.”

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Now, a new report says Sammy Guevara has upset those in AEW after a reported creative dispute regarding a potential angle that would see him go over to IMPACT Wrestling.

According to a report from Slam Wrestling, Tony Khan is upset with Sammy Guevara for voicing his complaints about his potential storyline with IMPACT. Reportedly, Chris Jericho had the idea of Sammy Guevara going over to the other promotion after he walked out of the Inner Circle faction and an idea was formulated that Tony Khan agreed to so plans were made to shoot the angle. Fightful has not independently verified the stories regarding heat with Khan.

Sammy Guevara reportedly voiced his complaints about the creative direction of the angle and when IMPACT Wrestling received word of this, they contacted Tony Khan and Chris Jericho, leading to Jericho texting Sammy Guevara to return home after he had arrived in Nashville where IMPACT has been filming their programming since the beginning of the pandemic.

While the report does not state what the plan was or what Sammy had an issue with, it is said that Chris Jericho had to reach out to Don Callis about preventing Sammy Guevara from working the IMPACT tapings.

Reportedly, AEW management is concerned that Sammy Guevara may have negatively affected the working relationship the promotion has with IMPACT. Those that Fightful have spoken to on both sides indicated that it's nothing that can't be overcome.

Fightful had heard of an issue regarding an AEW wrestler and their IMPACT creative, but the person was not identified until Sunday morning.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful provided the following clarity regarding what he'd heard:

In a follow up to the Sammy Guevara-AEW-Impact story, Fightful had been told during the IMPACT tapings that an AEW wrestler was supposed to come in but that someone "had issue with creative." At that time the talent scheduled had not been identified, but this morning was confirmed to be Sammy Guevara.

Guevara leaving Daily's Place on AEW Dynamite was used to set up his quickly planned appearances on IMPACT, but it might be a little while before we see in-ring integration from AEW wrestlers to IMPACT again. Several IMPACT staff and talent have told us that nobody from AEW was seen around at the tapings last week. There's always a possibility that something could be added to post-production as was originally done with Kenny Omega in IMPACT.

We can't speak to any alleged heat from either side or who specifically took issue with the creative planned.

Fightful will continue to monitor the story and report any and all updates. We can't speak to the timeline of events provided by the original report, or the heat associated, but Fightful confirmed that the disputed creative happened.

At the recent IMPACT No Surrender event, there was an interpromotional match for the Tag Team Championship which would see Gallows and Anderson retain their titles.

At the end of the night, it was also revealed that Juice Robinson and David Finlay will be debuting with IMPACT on February 16, further creating an apparent working relationship between New Japan Pro-Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and IMPACT Wrestling.

You can check out full coverage of No Surrender at this link.

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