Report: Vince McMahon And Triple H Not Happy With The Rock Calling CM Punk

As we reported, after Raw last night, footage was filmed for the Paige biopic Fighting With My Family. A pivotal scene in the movie was re-created, that of Paige defeating AJ Lee for the Divas Title on her first night on the main roster.

Also as noted, The Rock, one of the producers of the film, was on hand to keep the crowd hot. When he told them what scene they'd be filming, the fans started a chant of "CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!" because that's what wrestling fans do now, and also, more appropriately, because CM Punk is AJ Lee's husband.

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So because The People's Champion is nothing if not a man of the people, and also because The Rock believes he can do whatever he wants (and let's be honest, he usually can) he played along with the crowd and decided to call CM Punk.

You can watch it all go down in the video above.

Punk didn't pick up the phone, so Rock left a voicemail, then FaceTiming with Punk didn't seem to work, so Rock kind of gave up and moved on.

Punk later Tweeted his thanks for the phone call.

That really was thoughtful of them.

Anyway, no harm done. Not a big deal, who could be offended by those minor hijinks?

Well, as it turns out...

According to a report in PWInsider, Vince McMahon and Triple H were very much offended.

As you might recall, there was a bit of a falling out between Punk and the company back in 2014, weeks before WrestleMania. Neither party has really gotten over it.

So to see The Rock, one of the biggest worldwide ambassadors the WWE has ever produced, yukking it up with the WWE Universe about a guy that Vince and Hunter HATE, it must have cheesed them off something terrible.

Neither Vince, or Triple H, or anyone associated with the WWE, had given their approval, tacit or otherwise, for this little gag. As is apparent in the videos that were filmed by the audience, this was a spontaneous, "in the moment" thing that The Rock did to pop the crowd. But it was also apparent, to anyone near Vince and Triple H, especially Triple H (who had a program planned with Punk that Punk walked out on), that the two top bosses in WWE were not happy. And one report said that a WWE official want sent from the back to tell Rock to wrap it up.

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