WWE Royal Rumble Winners List

Royal Rumble winners, dating back to 1988. Click each link for our retro tweets on the Rumble match!

1988: Hacksaw Jim Duggan – 20-man Rumble

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1989: Big John Studd (via eliminating Ted DiBiase) in first 30-man Rumble

1990: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Mr. Perfect), only WWF Champion to win the Rumble.

1991: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Earthquake)

1992: Ric Flair (via eliminating Sid Justice) to win the WWF title

1993: Yokozuna (via eliminating Randy Savage), in first for a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania

1994: Bret Hart/Lex Luger (eliminated at the same time)

1995: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating British Bulldog)

1996: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating Diesel)

1997: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Bret Hart)

1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating The Rock)

1999: Vince McMahon (via eliminating Steve Austin)

2000: The Rock (via eliminating Big Show)

2001: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Kane)

2002: Triple H (via eliminating Kurt Angle)

2003: Brock Lesnar (via eliminating The Undertaker)

2004: Chris Benoit (via eliminating Big Show)

2005: Batista (via eliminating John Cena)

2006: Rey Mysterio (via eliminating Randy Orton)

2007: The Undertaker (via eliminating Shawn Michaels)

2008: John Cena (via eliminating Triple H)

2009: Randy Orton (via eliminating Triple H)

2010: Edge (via eliminating John Cena)

2011: Alberto Del Rio (via eliminating Santino Marella) in a 40-man Royal Rumble

2012: Sheamus (via eliminating Chris Jericho)

2013: John Cena (via eliminating Ryback)

2014: Batista (via eliminating Roman Reigns)

2015: Roman Reigns (via eliminating Rusev)

2016: Triple H (via eliminating Dean Ambrose) to win the WWE Title

2017: Randy Orton (via eliminating Roman Reigns)

2018 Men's: Shinsuke Nakamura (via eliminating Roman Reigns)

2018 Greatest Royal Rumble: Braun Strowman (via eliminating Big Cass)

2019 Men's: Seth Rollins (via eliminating Braun Strowman)

2020 Men's: Drew McIntyre (via eliminating Roman Reigns)

2021 Men's: Edge (via eliminating Randy Orton)

2022 Men's: Brock Lesnar (via eliminating Drew McIntyre) Universal Title

2023 Men's: Cody Rhodes (via eliminating Gunther) Unidpisuted

2024 Men's: Cody Rhodes (via eliminating CM Punk)

Women's Royal Rumble

2018 Women's: Asuka (via eliminating Nikki Bella), SD Title

2019 Women's: Becky Lynch (via eliminating Charlotte Flair), Raw & SD Title

2020 Women's: Charlotte Flair, (via eliminating Shayna Baszler), NXT Title

2021 Women's: Bianca Belair (via eliminating Rhea Ripley), Raw Title

2022 Women's: Ronda Rousey (via eliminating Charlotte Flair), SD Title

2023 Women's: Rhea Ripley (via eliminating Liv Morgan), SD Women's Title

2024 Women's Bayey (via eliminating Liv Morgan)


We've attacked 2005 and 1995 Royal Rumble matches with our new Alternate Commentary series, that sees us recount stories and history of the contests. We also had Shane Helms letting us know about his Royal Rumble appearances! We also spoke to Court Bauer about the Royal Rumble from a writer's perspective, and I even did a show on changes I'd make to the Rumble!

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