Countdown To The 2017 WWE Royal Rumble #5: My Pick To Win The Rumble Match

The road to WWE Wrestlemania 33 begins this Sunday Night with the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble event.

Over the next week here on Fightful, I will be bringing you a “Countdown To The 2017 WWE Royal Rumble.” During these columns, we will be looking at the past history of the Royal Rumble event and while also previewing this years event as well, plus Fightful will be providing the first of its kind Live WWE Royal Rumble Match Stat Tracker as the big match is taking place this Sunday Night.

So, without any further ado, here is Day Four of our countdown, as I make my pick for the winner of the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble Match. Instead of just making my pick, I am going to put all 22 announced wrestlers in order from whom I believe will have the least chance of winning until we get to #1, my pick to win it all.

#22: Mojo Rawley

While it’s good to see Rawley in the match, he really has no chance to win it, but an good to great performance could indicated a push or lack of one in the future.

#21: Xavier Woods

Titus O’Neil said on WWE Raw a few weeks back that Woods it the weakest link of The New Day and that may hold true over time, Woods is a mouthpiece and a decent wrestler, but not a Rumble winner.

#20: Big Cass

It may be a little shocking to see Cass mentioned this early on the list, but while he definitely has a bright future in the WWE, he’s just a tag team wrestler at the moment and tag team wrestlers do not win the Rumble Match.

#19: Kofi Kingston

Kingston is usually one of the highlights of the Rumble each year, finding more and more unusual ways to not get eliminated from the match, but he always gets eliminated in the end and this year is no different.

#18: Rusev

It seems like ages ago that Rusev was the WWE United States Champion and in one of the main events of Wrestlemania against John Cena, now he’s in a tag team with Jinder Mahal and going nowhere. A solid showing in the Rumble can do wonders for him, but he goes out and doesn’t come close to winning this years Rumble.

#17: Big E

Of all the member of The New Day, Big E probably has the best chance to be a heavyweight champion one day and while he’s the best of the group, it’s still not good enough to win the Rumble Match.

#16: Luke Harper

Initially, Harper was a little bit higher on my preliminary list, but then he was taken out of the Wyatt Family and was soundly defeated by Randy Orton on WWE Smackdown, Harper may get a few eliminations, but he gets dumped by his former family members.

#15: Cesaro

One half of The Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro, has been the guy who fans want to see near the top of the card, but has always been featured as a mid-carder, Cesaro looks strong before getting tossed out, to the fans dismay.

#14: Sami Zayn

Admittedly, the man he usurped in this match, Seth Rollins, would’ve been higher on this list, but Zayn has seemingly found his way into the match either way, he may get a few hope spots, but ultimately finds his way over the top rope and to the arena floor.

#13: Sheamus

The other half of the Raw tag Team Champions, Sheamus, has won a Royal Rumble before and has seen a revived push thanks to the team with Cesaro, but much like I said with Big Cass earlier, tag team wrestlers don’t win the Rumble and Sheamus is a tag team wrestler right now.

#12: Big Show

This may seem a little high on the list, but with a showdown with former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal targeted for WWE Wrestlemania 33, a great performance in the Rumble would make Show look like the Show of old as he faces another celebrity at a Wrestlemania.

#11: Bray Wyatt

Ever since the Wyatt Family reformed and got a new addition in randy Orton, Bray has found himself near the main event level in the Smackdown Brand, but a feud with Randy Orton possibly culminating at Wrestlemania (after Orton turns of course) means that Wyatt is not heading to the ‘Mania main event just yet,

#10: Randy Orton

A strong Orton face turn is coming after he finally turns on Bray Wyatt to cause the end of the Wyatt Family for good, but that would mean a match with Bray at Wrestlemania, which means that although Orton won a Rumble before, it’s not happening this year.

#9: Baron Corbin

Corbin made his main roster debut at WWE Wrestlemania 32 and he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but while Corbin is not main event ready yet, expect a good showing where Corbin gets a few big eliminations.

#8: Goldberg

Goldberg has been headbutting lockers and spearing Lesnar’s since returning to the WWE in 2016, a rematch with Brock Lesnar is almost certain for WWE Wrestlemania 32, but Lesnar’s not holding a belt right now and a Goldberg win would take him out of the rematch, so a Rumble win makes no sense here.

#7: Brock Lesnar

You can pretty much take the majority of what I wrote about Golberg and apply it to Lesnar, the only reason I ranked him higher is that Lesnar has won a Rumble in the past.

#6: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler’s new character since turning heel has been working out well so far, outside of a terrible segment with Jerry Lawler on WWE Smackdown,  Ziggler has a great showing and possibly is the iron man of the Rumble, but gets eliminated late in the match.

#5: Dean Ambrose

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion has had great Rumble showings in the past and he will have another one in 2017, but Ambrose is in the midst of a feud with The Miz at the moment and that’s not a ‘Mania main event feud, Ambrose gets tossed by The Miz in this one.

#4: The Miz

Nobody has seen such a big career turnaround as The Miz saw in 2016, bringing the WWE Intercontinental Title to an importance it hasn’t been at in year. The Miz is my dark horse to win the match, but he most likely gets tossed out after a decent run in the match.

#3: The Undertaker

The Rumble is in Texas and The Undertaker is expected to have a huge match at WWE Wrestlemania 33, plus The Undertaker won the Rumble exactly 10 years ago. The Undertaker is expected to face Roman Reigns at ‘Mania 33 and it could be for the WWE Universal Title if Reigns gets passed Kevin Owens, but I see my pick to win this thing eliminating The Undertaker in this one.

#2: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is the WWE United States Champion and best friend Kevin Owens is the WWE Universal Champion, a breakup for the two has been expected for awhile now, it could happen at ‘Mania 33, but Jericho has always been a bridesmaid at the Rumble, never the perennial bride.

#1: Braun Strowman

That’s right folks, Braun Strowman is my pick to take home the Rumble this year, he has been booked like a monster since the brand split in 2016 and nobody has come close to stopping him, which makes him my pick to win the Rumble and headline WWE Wrestlemania 33.

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