AEW Dark 11/6/20 Results: Dark Order, Big Swole, Matt Sydal, Ricky Starks & More Compete!

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Big Swole vs. Tesha Price

The match begins with Swole shoving Price into the corner before shoving her to the mat, Swole scores a takedown on Price before landing a few knee strikes. Price gets free and she briefly gets Swole in a full nelson, Price hides in the ropes before landing a few shots on Swole. Price drops Swole with a snap mare for a one count on a pin attempt, Price keeps Swole down while applying a chin lock to her. Swole gets free and Price nails her with a basement drop kick before holding her in a straightjacket hold, Swole gets free and she nails Price with a clothesline. Swole follows up by nailing Price with a headbutt, Swole then hits Price with a tiger driver before applying the cloverleaf to force a tap out.

Winner: Big Swole

Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Sydal

The match begins with Daniels getting Sydal in a headlock, Sydal gets free and he works over the arm of Daniels. Daniels gets free and he takes Sydal down with a headlock, Sydal escapes a snap mare attempt to nail Daniels with a few arm drags and a headlock takedown. Daniels gets free and he eats a shoulder tackle from Sydal, Daniels recovers and he slams Sydal before applying a chin lock to him. Sydal gets free and Daniels nails him with a shoulder tackle, Sydal recovers and he drops Daniels with a jumping head kick. Sydal gets Daniels in a seated position before kicking him in the back for a near fall, Sydal also attacks Daniels with some leg kicks. Sydal drops Daniels before landing a standing twisting splash for a near fall, Daniels fights back and Sydal nails him with more leg kicks. Daniels recovers and he nails Sydal with an exploder suplex, Daniels follows up by nailing Sydal with a few clotheslines and an STO. Daniels also nails Sydal with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall, Daniels drops Sydal with a flat liner before locking him in a Koji Clutch.

Sydal gets free and Daniels cracks him with a headbutt, Daniels climbs the ropes and Sydal gets him down with a huracanrana. Sydal then hits Daniels with a side slam for a near fall, Daniels fights back and Sydal nails him with a head kick. Daniels catches a leaping Sydal and he nails him with a uranaga, The Hybrid 2 come out and they distract Daniels so Sydal can attack him. Daniels goes for Angel’s Wings and Sydal counters with a roll up for a three count.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Brandon Cutler vs. Michael Nakazawa

The match begins with Nakazawa getting Cutler in a headlock, Cutler gets free and Nakazawa nails him with a shoulder tackle. Cutler fights back and he kicks Nakazawa in the head, Cutler follows up with a slingshot head kick on Nakazawa. Cutler then hits Nakazawa with an elevated reverse DDT for a near fall, Cutler goes for a springboard move and Nakazawa knocks him to the arena floor. Nakazawa then hits Cutler with an axe handle smash from the ring apron, Nakazawa sends Cutler into the barricade before getting back in the ring. Nakazawa oils up the ropes and Cutler still gets back in the ring, Nakazawa sends Cutler out of the ring again. Cutler recovers and he hits Nakazawa with a springboard forearm strike, Nakazawa fights back and he hits Cutler with a spear for a near fall. Cutler escapes the grasp of Nakazawa and he nails him with a gut buster for a three count.

Winner: Brandon Cutler

- Dasha Gonzalez interviews Frankie Kazarian, who says he cannot defend the stupidity of The Hybrid 2. Kazarian says his goal is to prove that he is the best wrestler in AEW, Kazarian says he is a better than anybody on the AEW roster.

Griff Garrison vs. Ariel Dominguez

The match begins with Dominguez nailing Garrison with a chop, Garrison responds by nailing Dominguez with a back body drop. Dominguez fights back and Garrison kicks him right in the face, Garrison then hits a cornered Dominguez with an avalanche. Garrison goes for another avalanche and Dominguez gets out of the way, Garrison catches a leaping Dominguez to land an elbow strike before landing a rack bomb for a three count.

Winner: Griff Garrison

After the match, Lance Archer hits the ring and Griff Garrison attacks him, Archer quickly overwhelms him before attacking Ariel Dominguez. Jake Roberts has the microphone and he says Archer wants another shot at the AEW World Championship, Roberts says AEW is afraid of what he and Archer would do with the AEW World Championship. Archer says nobody can stop his path of punishment, Archer says neither Jon Moxley or Eddie Kingston are paying attention to him. Archer also threatens Kingston's family.

Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) vs. Sean Maluta & Ryzin

The match begins with Grayson dropping Maluta a few times, Uno tags in and he nails a cornered Maluta with some strikes. Maluta fights back and he cracks Uno with a few strikes, Maluta then drops Uno with a head scissors takedown. Maluta follows up with a neck breaker on Uno for a near fall, Ryzin tags in and he nails Uno’s arm with a middle rope axe handle smash. Uno fights back and he snaps the nose of Ryzin, Grayson tags in and Ryzin drops him with a leg lariat. Ryzin also nails Grayson with a northern lights suplex for a near fall, Grayson recovers and he sends Ryzin out of the ring. Uno attacks Ryzin before getting him back in the ring, Uno tags in and he double teams Ryzin with Grayson for a near fall. Uno drops Ryzin with a high boot and he tags Grayson into the ring, Grayson nails Ryzin with a slingshot swanton bomb. Ryzin fights back and he nails Grayson with a modified neck breaker, Maluta tags in and he quickly gets double teamed by Dark Order. Uno then hits Maluta with a rip cord flat liner for a three count.

Winners: Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno)

Ricky Starks vs. Trevor Read

The match begins with Starks attacking Read with a ton of strikes, Read fights back and Starks knocks him to the ring apron with a drop kick. Starks then suplexes Read back into the ring before stomping on his head, Read fights back and Starks nails him with a back body drop followed by a spear. Starks then hits Read with Roshambo for a three count.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy & Trent vs. Lee Johnson

The match begins with some chain wrestling between Johnson and Taylor, Taylor ends that by dropping Johnson with a shoulder tackle. Johnson recovers and he nails Taylor with a drop kick, Johnson follows up by nailing Taylor with a few strikes. Taylor recovers and he drops a charging Johnson, Taylor corners Johnson while stomping away on him. Taylor then hits Johnson with a back suplex for a near fall, Taylor follows up by attacking Johnson with more strikes. Johnson tries fights back and Taylor traps him in a modified head scissors, Taylor goes for a middle rope moonsault and Johnson gets out of the way. Johnson also drops Taylor with a few clotheslines and a running chop, Johnson then drops a charging Taylor in the corner before kicking him in the face. Taylor catches a leaping Johnson before landing Sole Food, Johnson recovers and he hits Taylor with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Taylor fights back and he nails Johnson with a sit out power bomb for a near fall, Taylor follows up with a falcon arrow on Johnson for another near fall. Taylor then hits Johnson with a top rope double stomp for another near fall, Taylor drags Johnson to the ropes before Johnson kicks him in the face.

Johnson follows up by knocking Taylor out of the ring with a missile drop kick, Johnson also cracks Taylor with a suicide dive. Johnson gets Taylor back in the ring and Taylor hits him with a pile driver for a near fall, Taylor then hits Johnson with an Awful Waffle for a three count.

Winner: Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy & Trent

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