IMPACT Wrestling Hard to Kill Results Tessa Blanchard Makes History & Defeats Sami Callihan

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for IMPACT Wrestling's first big show of the year with Hard to Kill! Please enjoy the show and if you're interested in exclusive content check out Fightful Select for exclusive podcasts, breaking news and more!

-We open the show with a video package for the IMPACT World Championship inter-gender match between the champion Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard.

Ken Shamrock vs Madman Fulton

Ken kicks Fulton in the legs and the chest before dropping him with a knee and Fulton takes Shamrock down to the mat before Ken goes for an armbar. Fulton muscles his way out of the armbar and shoves Ken down when tries to lay into Fulton with strikes before Ken locks in an ankle lock. Fulton gets to the ropes for the break before locking in a rear chin lock and Ken tosses him over his shoulder before Fulton locks in an armbar in the ropes. Ken goes for a suicide dive, but Fulton catches him and Ken hits a German suplex onto the floor before dropping him with a knee to the face. Ken sends Dave Crist into the ring post and sends Fulton back into the ring before kicking him in the chest and dropping him with a buzz saw kick. Fulton capitalizes on the referee ejecting the Crist brothers before hitting a chokeslam and Ken locks in a double wrist lock before Fulton falls back into the corner with a shoulder injury. Ken drops Fulton with a knee before Fulton slams him down with one arm and Ken locks in a submission until Fulton verbally submits for the win.

Winner: Ken Shamrock defeats Madman Fulton via referee stoppage due to verbal tap out.

-We see Tessa Blanchard and OvE entering the arena earlier today before we get an update Rich Swann before getting an extended video package for the X-Division Championship match between the champion Ace Austin and the challenger Trey.

X-Division Championship Match

Ace Austin (c) vs Trey

Trey immediately spears Ace and rains down punches before Ace catches him with a kick when he goes for a suicide dive before Trey hits a 619 into a tope. Back in the ring Trey drops Ace with clotheslines and clotheslines him over the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting a Fosbury flop. Ace suplexes Trey onto the floor before launching him face first into the railing and tosses him back into the ring for two. They exchange strikes until Ace drops Trey with a superkick for two before hitting several side slams and a chop block to Trey's knee. Ace starts focusing on the knee and ankle of Trey before hitting a rolling kick into a reverse DDT for two.

Ace locks in a single leg Boston crab before giving Trey a paper cut and beating on him with clubbing blows. Trey comes back with clotheslines and an enzuigiri into a reverse suplex and a dragon sleeper before hitting a rebound flat liner off of the ropes for two. Ace turns Trey inside out with a diving roundhouse kick for two before Trey hits a cheeky nandos into a 619. Ace then crotches Trey on the top turnbuckle and hits a frankensteiner before hitting The Fold for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Austin retains his X-Division Championship by defeating Trey via pinfall with The Fold.

-After the match Ace harasses Trey's mother in the crowd before Trey attacks him and they're separated as we go to an interview with ODB.

Knockouts Championship Triple Threat Match

Taya Valkyrie w/John E. Bravo (c) vs Jordynne Grace vs ODB

All three women shove each other before ODB sends Taya into Jordynne and drops them both before hitting a fall away slam to Taya who rolls out of the ring. Jordynne counters a piledriver onto the apron by ODB before running Taya over back in the ring with a shoulder tackle. Jordynne hits a powerslam and a suicide dive before ODB suplexes Jordynne onto the ramp and Taya smashes her face into the top turnbuckle and stomps ODB in the corner. Taya hits running knees in the corner for two before locking in an STF that Jordynne breaks up and lays into Taya with forearms. Taya bites Jordynne and drops her with a forearm before stomping her down in the corner and starting to focus on her arm. Jordynne lifts Taya before ODB hits a bulldog to Taya off of the second rope. Jordynne takes out ODB and hits Taya with a flat liner for two before Jordynne gets a two count off of a sunset flip. ODB sends Taya into the post before Jordynne rips ODB down off of the top and hits a diving elbow drop for a near fall that Taya breaks up. Jordynne hits a splash onto both Taya and ODB for a near fall before Jordynne hits the Grace Driver and John distracts the referee before. John then grabs Jordynne's leg and Taya covers ODB for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie defeats ODB and Jordynne Grace via pinfall to retain her Knockouts Championship.

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