IMPACT Wrestling Results for 7/12/19 Slammiversary Fallout Knockouts Triple Threat Match

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-We open the show with a recap between Moose and RVD at Slammiversary and the aftermath where RVD says that he underestimated Moose and Moose insults RVD before RVD says that he has work to do and would like to rematch at some point.

-We get a video recapping the First Blood match between Eddie Edwards and Killer Kross in which Eddie won by breaking his kendo stick and shoving it into Kross's mouth and ripping it open. Backstage after the match Eddie says that he is Eddie Edwards and he is anything he needs to be before Kross says that he knew before anyone else did that Eddie is just like him as he smiles with blood pouring out of his mouth.

-Don and Josh interview Jimmy Jacobs' at the IMPACT Wrestling headquarters about the Knockouts Monster's Ball Match in which Taya Valkyrie managed to retain her Championship by defeating Su Yung, Rosemary and Havok. Don talks about how proud he is of Taya and how everyone underestimated her before Father James Mitchell explains how his plan was supposed to have gone, that he didn't expect the declension in the ranks between Havok and Su Yung.

-Don and Josh discuss the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat match between the champions The North, and the challengers LAX and The Rascalz, respectively. The North talk about winning and defending their titles in a three day span before The Rascalz say that they need to regroup and deserve another shot before The North declare that they're never going to lose their titles and that LAX are four time champions, which means that LAX have lost the belts four times. The North says that they'll take on anyone and LAX and Konnan says that once Santana is out of the hospital, they're coming for the titles. Don and D-Lo Brown then praise The North as we go to commercial.

-We get an IMPACT+ replay of the main event from A Night You Can't Mist in which Tommy Dreamer teamed up with The Great Muta to take on Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin in which Muta and Tommy won when Muta pinned Johnny with a shining wizard. Afterwards we go back to Josh and Don where they talk to Tommy about what it was like teaming with Muta in his home town and for his home promotion House of Hardcore.

-Tommy, Josh and Don then talk about the inter-gender match between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard before we get a recap of said match while they debate the end of the match and the outcome. Tessa talks about the honor of being the first woman to headline an IMPACT pay-per-view while Sami says that no matter where he is on the card, he is the main event and talks about how tough Tessa is before Tessa says that they changed the landscape of professional wrestling. Sami says that Tessa stuck it out with her and that he is the standard-bearer of IMPACT Wrestling before Tessa says that they changed the history of wrestling in their own way and that it's invaluable while Sami talks about equality and wrestling her like he would any man. We end the segment with Sami saying that they should have a rematch as we go to commercial.

-Petey Williams joins Josh and Don to discuss the X-Division Championship Match between the champion Rich Swann and Johnny Impact in which Rich retained in the end after Johnny pulled out everything he had before they talk about how good Rich was that night and that he is someone who could easily challenge for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship before we get a recap of the match. Rich talks about winning the belt and his first defense against Sami Callihan while Johnny talks about the history of the title and what it would mean for his legacy. After the match match backstage both Johnny and Taya turn on John E. Bravo as we go to commercial.

-Scott D'Amore joins in for the discussion of the IMPACT World Championship Match between Brian Cage and Michael Elgin where Brian managed to retain his title forty eight hours after he was brutally attacked by Michael with a chair at Bash at the Brewery. They agree that Brian answered a lot of questions and that he is the best, but Brian hasn't heard the last of Michael before we get a recap of the match. After the match Michael says that he didn't fail and that he didn't finish him like he usually does opponents while Brian talks about how good Michael is before Michael says that he's not broken and that he's going after Don and the mystery man who attacked him when he nearly powerbombed Don. Michael then says that he's still going after the title as that's his ultimate goal and reason for coming to IMPACT Wrestling as we go to commercial.

Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne

Everyone gets a quick two count before Jordynne drops both Madison and Kiera before Jordynne slams Madison on top of Kiera for a quick two count. Jordynne shoves Madison out of the ring and focuses on Kiera, rocking her with forearms before Jordynne hits a double suplex to Kiera and Madison as we go to commercial.

Madison and Kiera exchange pin attempts until Kiera hits a variation of the knee by KENTA before choking Madison in the corner for a quick two count. Kiera rains down clubbing blows on Madison for a quick two count before Kiera sends Madison out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before she rolls back into the ring and goes for one into Jordynne, but she's caught. Jordynne slaps Kiera and hits Madison when she goes for a suicide dive before Madison kicks the both of them off of the apron and gets a quick two count on both of them. Kiera superkicks Madison for a near fall after Kiera makes Madison stun Jordynne and Jordynne hits a scoop slam to Kiera before Jordynne goes for a double pin for a near fall. Kiera hits a draping neckbreaker to Jordynne before Madison hits a diving stomp for a near fall that Kiera breaks up before Jordynne tosses Madison out of the ring and Kiera superkicks her. Jordynne then hits the Grace Driver to Kiera for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace defeats Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne via pinfall when she pins Kiera with the Grace Driver.

-Madison attacks Jordynne after the match before she fights off both Madison and Kiera until they team up on her and leave her lying in the ring as we go off the air.

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