IMPACT Wrestling Results for 12/1/20 Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

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Motor City Machine Guns vs XXXL

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MCMG immediately go after XXXL and clear the ring before doubling up on Larry before Larry knocks Alex out of the air. Acey comes in and rocks Alex with right hands before Alex kicks his legs and rocks him with a pump kick before Acey hits a scoop slam. MCMG lay into Acey with strikes and rock him with a double dropkick before taking out Larry when he tags himself in. Acey slams Chris onto Alex before XXXL isolate Alex until Chris gets the hot tag and drops Larry with a DDT. MCMG hit a missile dropkick flat liner before Larry drives Chris into the corner and XXXL hit a double team move for a near fall.

XXXL run into each other before Acey hits a uranage and Larry misses a diving splash before Chris hits a bulldog to Acey and MCMG hit Larry with a double superkick. MCMG then hit a double suplex into a diving splash neckbreaker combo for the pin and the win.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns defeat XXXL via pinfall.

- Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock are stopped by Scott D'Amore and security when they're trying to enter the building before Scott informs Ken that he's suspended for a month after his attack on Eddie Edwards last week. Sami then convinces an enraged Shamrock to take the car and go back to the hotel and wait for his plan before Ken leaves and Sami enters the arena as we go to commercial.

- We come back to John E. Bravo confronting Larry about shooting him before Tommy makes John leave and Larry knocks Tommy out when he goes to take him to the police station. John then comes back and sees Tommy lying on the ground motionless with his eyes open before yelling for someone to call the police and screaming.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Opening Round Match

Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Kelly and Grace start things off, matching each other move for move before Jazz and Renee come in. Jazz takes Renee down to the mat and hits her with clubbing blows before Jazz and Jordynne double up on Renee for two. Renee then sends Jordynne through the ropes and out onto the apron before dropkicking Jordynne off of the apron and down onto the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back to Renee in control of Jordynne before Kelly and Grace exchange standing switches and Kelly beats on Jordynne in mount. Jordynne gets the hot tag to Jazz who clotheslines both Kelly and Renee before dropping Kelly with a right hand for two. Jordynne comes back in and hits Kelly with clubbing blows and Kelly traps her arms before headbutting her and hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Kelly gets a near fall before Grace elbows her in the side of the head and hits the Grace Driver for a near fall that Renee breaks up. Renee then gets the blind tag and gets hit with a sit-out face buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jazz & Jordynne Grace defeat Renee Michelle and Killer Kelly via pinfall to advance to the next round of the tournament.

- We get this week's IMPACT+ Flashback Moment of the Week featuring a Ladder Match between MCMG and the Young Bucks.

- We get a backstage promo by The North where Ethan says that he attacked Doc and that Karl can get revenge if he faces him at Final Resolution next weekend and if Ethan wins they get their title shot.

- Backstage Alisha is with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb before Alisha attacks Sami and is stopped by security.

Johnny Swinger vs Cody Deaner

Cody rushes Johnny and drops him before stomping him in the corner and Joe Doering and Eric Young take out Cousin Jake at ringside before attacking Cody for the disqualification.

Winner: Cody defeats Johnny Swinger via disqualification.

- After the match Joe lays out Johnny before Eric piledrives Cody and gets onto the mic where he says that they are the cure and that the disease has taken over, but they will win. Eric then says that the world belongs to them before leaving as we go to commercial.

- We come back to the Deaners backstage before Cody yells in frustration and says that he's challenging Eric to a match next week.

- We go to the ring where Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee come out and Deonna says that Su Yung's time has come. Deonna then says that if Su wants a rematch she had better come to the ring. Deonna and Kimber get out of the ring before Father James Mitchell comes out onto the stage before saying that she has been a thorn in his side for too long and she will pay for her sins. The Undead Bridesmaids then come out and surround the ring before Deonna attacks her from behind. Deonna then takes Su out with a Gotch-Style Piledriver before the Bridesmaids take Su away.

- Backstage Moose meets with Chris Bey and tells him that real power is taken and if he beats Rich for the title at Final Resolution he'll take it from him when he chooses. Moose then wishes Chris good luck before leaving as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a backstage interview with Karl Anderson who accepts Ethan Page's challenge af Final Resolution.

X-Division Championship Match

Rohit Raju (c) vs Crazzy Steve

Steve immediately goes for a roll up for a near fall before Rohit rolls out of the ring and takes his time getting back in before they exchange a series of standing switches. Rohit counters a fireman's carry before Steve applies a tarantula in the ropes before biting Rohit and Rohit hits a jumping flat liner. Rohit then covers Steve for two as we go to commercial.

Rohit is still in control as we come back to the action in the ring until Steve comes back with strikes and a DDT into a diving cross body for two. Steve hits a running uppercut in the corner before locking in a submission and Rohit gets to the ropes right before tapping. Rohit hits a rolling elbow before countering a crucifix bomb into a jack knife with the ropes for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju retains his X-Division Championship by defeating Crazzy Steve via pinfall.

- Backstage Fallah Bahh confronts Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz about stealing his money before they tell him that they'll get his money for him next week. Bahh then leaves before Johnny Swinger propositions them for a three way before they leave as we go to commercial.

- Backstage Brian Myers mocks TJP and Crazzy Steve before TJP challenges him to a match which Brian agrees to.

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

Willie drops Chris and stomps him in the corner before chopping him and twisting his nipples before hitting a Thesz press when Chris runs the ropes. Willie rains down elbows in mount and back mount before Chris rolls out of the ring and Willie drops Chris across the apron. Willie then rolls Chris back into the ring before Chris grabs the foot of Willie and dropkicks his knee and sends Willie through the ropes and out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Chris focuses on the knee of Willie now that he's back in the ring until Willie catches Chris coming off of the top only to get dropped with a chop block. Chris goes back to the knee of Willie before locking in a single leg Boston crab, Willie inching his way to the bottom rope before Chris drags him back. Willie punches his way free when he turns over before rocking Chris with right hands and a stiff forearm only for Chris to kick his knee. Willie clotheslines Chris and drops him with a back elbow before hitting a scoop slam into a jumping knee drop with his bad knee for two. Chris counters a stunner into a jack knife for a near fall before hitting a code red for a second fall before Willie hits a pop up forearm into a stunner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Chris Bey via pinfall.

- Moose immediately comes out of nowhere and spears Moose before Rich Swann comes out and sends Moose out of the ring before Chris hits Rich with the Art of Finesse and holding up the IMPACT World Championship as we go off the air.

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