IMPACT Wrestling Results for 2/23/21 Deaner Victorious, Moose Retains TNA World Heavyweight Title

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV!

Tables Match
Deaner vs Jake Something
The two brawl as soon as the match starts before Deaner sends Jake out of the ring and goes to bring a table into the ring before it gets stuck. Jake props the table across the middle rope before Deaner sends Jake face first into the edge of the table before slingshotting him into the bottom of the table. Jake catches Deaner on the top rope and Deaner rips him off of the top by his hair before Jake hits a running shoulder tackle in the corner. Jake then falls onto the steps when Deaner counters an attempted powerslam off of the steps before Deaner runs at Jake and gets put through a table with a Black Hole Slam.
Winner: Jake Something defeats Deaner when he puts him through a table.

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- After the match Moose then comes out and attacks Jake after the match before saying that he's going to sit there until he gets his IMPACT World title match as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Moose still in the ring before Scott D'Amore comes out onto the stage and demands that he get out of the ring before telling him that Rich Swann isn't cleared to compete or even in the building. Scott then makes Moose defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship which is now an official title in IMPACT before announcing that he'll make his first official title defense against Jake Something later tonight.

Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander & Willie Mack vs Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton), Chris Bey & Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve & Rosemary)
Trey and Chris start the match off by rolling around on the mat before Ace gets sent into the corner and isolated briefly before Black comes in and gets double teamed by Willie and Josh. Black then headbutts Josh before he comes back with chops and punches in the corner and Taurus hits a Whisper in the Wind and locks in a rear chin lock as we go to commercial.

We come back to Ace and Trey in the ring as Trey hits a cheeky nandos and Josh and Trey clear the ring before Willie drops Ace with a pop-up forearm before going up top. Ace crotches Willie and sends him off of the top before hitting The Fold for a near fall before everyone hits a move and Chris hits a One Final Beat to Josh before Willie hits a Samoan drop. Willie then hits a standing moonsault before Chris pins Willie with a springboard cutter for the win.
Winner: Ace Austin, Chris Bey and Black Taurus defeat Willie Mack, Trey Miguel, and Josh Alexander.

- Backstage after the match Sami Callihan mocks Trey before Trey loses his temper and attacks and beats Sami down as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to a promo in a dark room by Decay who say that they're coming for the X-Division Championship first, then the rest of the titles in IMPACT as we go back to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Havok talking to Nevaeh before Nevaeh walks off and Kaleb and Tenille Dashwood come through the doors and try to get Havok to join them.

XXXL vs The Good Brothers
Larry backs Karl into the ropes for a clean break before Karl kicks him in the midsection and locks in a standing side headlock before Larry drops Karl with a shoulder block. Karl drags Larry to the corner and tags in Doc who hits a fall away slam and headbutts Larry before TGB chain together offense and frequent tags. Larry rakes the eyes of Doc and drags him over with a headlock before tagging in Acey who gets sent into the corner and doubled up on. Larry kicks Karl from the apron before XXXL isolate Karl until he gets the tag to Doc who runs over Larry and boots Acey out of the ring before dropping Larry with a roundhouse kick. Karl then tags in and knocks Acey off of the apron before TGB hit Larry with the Magic Killer for the pin and the win.
Winner: The Good Brothers defeat XXXL via pinfall.

- Fallah Bahh, James Storm and Chris Sabin are at Johnny Swinger's casino alongside Alisha before Rohit Raju shows up with Shera before Johnny says James should face Rohit as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Karl and Doc talking to Juice Robinson and David Finlay.

Eddie Edwards vs Hernandez (w/ Brian Myers)
Hernandez attacks Eddie from behind when he's distracted by Brian before Brian attacks Eddie at ringside when Hernandez is busy with the referee. Eddie then comes back with a superplex before countering the Border Ross and hitting a diving Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.
Winner: Eddie Edwards defeats Hernandez via pinfall.

Jazz & Jordynne Grace vs Susan & Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)
Jazz beats on Susan before ODB comes out and attacks Deonna before the two are ejected from ringside as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Kimber in control of Jazz before Jazz headbutts Kimber and gets the hot tag to Jordynne who puts Susan in a Torture Rack before hitting a Saito suplex. Jazz then clotheslines Kimber who sends her out of the ring before Susan locks in an ankle lock on Jordynne before Jordynne counters into the Grace Driver for the pin and the win.
Winner: Jordynne Grace and Jazz defeat Susan and Kimber Lee via pinfall.

- Backstage Jordynne and Jazz find ODB laid out before we go to the commentary team who go over next week's show as well as Rohit and James in a match on Before the IMPACT next week.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Moose (c) vs Jake Something
We come back from the break to the match already in progress as Jake sends Moose into the railing before tossing him into the ring and hitting a running splash in the corner. Moose comes back with a running uppercut in the corner into a running dropkick before Moose sweeps Jake on the apron and sends him crashing down onto the floor. Back in the ring Jake comes back with a falcon arrow for two before Moose hits a superplex and Jake counters a spear into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. They exchange strikes until Moose hits a pair of uranages and a discus clothesline before spearing Jake for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moose retains his TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Jake Something via pinfall.

- After the match Moose attacks Jake before Rich Swann shows up and they brawl before being separated by security and Scott comes out and makes a title match between the two at Sacrifice as we go off the air.

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