IMPACT Wrestling Results for 9/15/20 The North, Ace & Fulton vs MCMG & The Rascalz

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Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs Susie & Kylie Rae

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Kylie and Deonna start the match off by exchanging wrist locks and arm drags before Deonna mocks Kylie. Kylie gets two off of a jack knife and drops Kimber once she comes in before hitting a head scissors. They exchange standing switches before Kimber picks the ankle of Kylie and Kylie hits a deep arm drag. Susie and Kylie double up on Kimber for two before Deonna kicks Susie in the back from the apron. Kimber drops Susie with a knee for two before locking in a modified single leg Boston crab.

Deonna and Kimber hit Susie with a double suplex for two before Deonna stomps Susie down in the corner. Susie gets two off of a sunset flip before Deonna drops her and drags Susie to the corner. Kimber keeps Susie away from Kylie before the champ comes in and they exchange forearms. Deonna hits Kylie on the apron before Susie hits a flap jack and gets the hot tag to Kylie. Kylie lays into Kimber with strikes before Kylie hits a cartwheel dropkick into an inverted cannonball for a near fall.

Kylie sends Deonna out of the ring before Kimber hits a release German suplex and hits Susie with a bridging German for a near fall. Susie then hits the Arachnarana into the Panic Switch for the pin on Kimber and the win.

Winner: Susie and Kylie Rae defeat Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall.

- Backstage Trey lobbies Rohit for an X-Division title shot, but tells him he'll have to earn it since Chris Bey is guaranteed a rematch and TJP is in the running before we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to John E. Bravo planning his wedding before he's interrupted by Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. John then grabs Fallah Bahh and makes him his best man before Hogan and Steelz leave dejected.

XXL vs The Deaners

Cody and Acey start things off with Acey tossing Cody across the ring and tagging in Larry before they double up on Cody for two. Larry takes control and he and Acey overpower Cody with their overwhelming size and strength until Cody ducks a right hand and dives to tag in Cousin Jake. Jake spears Larry in the corner and drives him onto the mat for two before Acey knocks Cody out of the ring. Jake then slams Acey before Larry knocks him out with the Best Hand in the House for the pin and the win.

Winner: XXL defeat The Deaners via pinfall.

Trey Miguel vs TJP

They take each other down repeatedly until they start running the ropes and Trey gets two off of an arm drag into a basement dropkick and a standing moonsault for two. TJP locks in a sharpshooter before transitioning into a stretch, Trey getting to the ropes for the break before TJP hits a slingshot senton for two. TJP locks in a double chicken wing before Trey kicks him away and misses a missile dropkick. Trey hits a cheeky nandos kick and drops TJP with a spin kick before hitting a suicide dive. Back in the ring TJP hits a superplex into an octopus stretch before starting to focus on the leg of Trey.

TJP then rolls through when he misses a swanton bomb before Trey hits a meteora off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel defeats TJP via pinfall.

- Backstage Ace Austin, Madman Fulton and The North take out Wentz and Dez of The Rascalz as we go to commercial.

- We come back to find out that The Rascalz won't be able to compete before the Good Brothers show up and push their way into the match as their replacements.

- We go to the ring where Rich Swann comes out to the ring and has Scott D'Amore come out into the ring. Rich talks about having to retire before asking to come back to fight Eric Young, but Scott tells him that he's not medically cleared. Rich says that he'll be cleared by Bound for Glory next month and that he's the only person to pin Eric Young. Scott warns Rich that he might end up crippled if he faces Eric before Rich tells Scott to put himself in Rich's shoes. Rich begs Scott to let him face Eric at BFG before they're interrupted by EY.

Eric shoves Scott before Rich attacks him and Eric flees. Scott then makes a match between the two for the IMPACT World Championship at Bound for Glory as we go to commercial.

Brian Myers vs Willie Mack

Willie and Brian exchange before Willie hits an overhead suplex into a dropkick before clotheslining Brian over the top rope. Willie hits a slingshot cross body before Brian hits a side Russian leg sweep and Willie barely gets back in before the count of ten. Brian suplexes Willie for two and locks in a shoulder lock before Willie gets to his feet and Brian sweeps him. Back in the ring Brian gets a two count before ripping the top turnbuckle pad off and drops Willie with a back elbow. Brian locks in a rear chin lock before hitting several knee drops for two skd going back to the rear chin lock.

Willie comes back with a back suplex before they get to their feet and Willie hits several clotheslines into a scoop slam. Willie hits a running leg drop for two before Brian counters a Samoan drop into an enzuigiri and a falcon arrow for a near fall. Willie hits an exploder suplex before Brian rolls out of the ring and Willie goes out after him. Willie rolls Brian back in before Brian kicks the ropes and hits Willie with a DDT for a near fall. Brian climbs up top and gets caught with a right hand by Willie before Brian runs into the exposed turnbuckle.

Willie then pins Brian with a stunner for the win.

Winner: Willie Mack defeats Brian Myers via pinfall.

- Rosemary meets with Havok and tries to get her to revive Father James Mitchell before Havok attacks Rosemary when she won't take no for an answer. Nevaeh then drags Havok away and tells her that they can't get mixed up with Rosemary before they leave as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Moose pleading with Scott D'Amore for help with EC3 before Scott tells him that he's making it up in his head. We see EC3 projected on a wall where he tells Moose that time is running out before he destroys the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose then calls Chris Jericho about his title being stolen before he gets off of the phone and says that he knows exactly what to do.

- Rhino sneaks Heath into the building before we go to Tenille Dashwood having a photo shoot that's interrupted by Jordynne Grace. Tenille then mocks Jordynne before Jordynne informs her that they have a match scheduled for next week before they resume the shoot.

Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz vs Taya Valkyrie

Taya drives Kiera into the corner and stomps her before smashing her face into the middle turnbuckle and dumping her out of the ring. Taya hits an arm drag into a back elbow and a jumping stomp for two once Kiera is back in the ring. Kiera kicks Taya in the midsection and hits a running dropkick in the corner for two before Taya rocks her with a knee and sends her back out of the ring. Back in the ring Taya hits a running back elbow into a clothesline and a running hip attack before Tasha pulls Kiera out of the ring. Tasha then rakes the eyes of Taya and hits an enzuigiri when the referee is distracted before Kiera hits a swinging neck breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan defeats Taya Valkyrie via pinfall.

- Rhino meets with Hernandez before they arm wrestle and Heath takes Hernandez's stack of cash before leaving. Rhino then declines the match before they start and leaves before Hernandez stands and shakes his head at the camera as we go to commercial.

- Chris Bey walks up on Rohit and demands a rematch for the X-Division title before TJP and Trey walk up. The three then argue before Rohit says that they should have a triple threat number one contender match.

- It's announced that Susie will face Kimber Lee next week, the triple threat number one contender match is made official and we get a graphic for Jordynne Grace versus the returning Tenille Dashwood.

The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs Motor City Machine Guns & Good Brothers

Karl and Ace kick things off for their respective teams with Karl man handling Ace. LG comes in and beats Ace down before Chris comes in and exchanges with Josh before he's hit with several double team moves. Ethan Page is superkicked out of the ring before they drop Ace with a double enzuigiri. MCMG then kick Fulton out of the ring with a double mule kick as we go to commercial.

We come back to The North, Ace and Fulton in control of Alex until he gets the hot tag to Karl. Karl drops Ethan with several back elbows into a running senton before hitting Josh with a neck breaker. Karl hits a spine buster for two before LG gets the tag and boots Fulton off of the apron before he and Karl hit a back suplex for two. Everyone then gets into the ring and hits a move until Chris takes out everyone, but Ace and Josh with a suicide dive. MCMG hits a Muta lock into a basement dropkick before The North send Alex out of the ring.

Karl then hits Fulton with the Gun Stun before Josh clears the ring and Ace gets the blind tag. Ace then steals the pin after The North hit Chris with their finisher for the win.

Winner: Ace Austin, Madman Fulton and The North defeat Motor City Machine Guns and the Good Brothers via pinfall.

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