Results For NJPW At CEO Fighting Games Championships: Jushin Liger, Guerrillas Of Destiny, Golden Lovers

In Daytona, Florida New Japan Pro Wrestling will be hosting an event during the CEO Fighting Games Championships. The event was set up at least in part by Kenny Omega who has been involved with the event in past years and video game competition in general.

The event will be streamed for free at the CEO Gaming Twitch channel. The main card starts at 8:30 pm eastern.

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Chaysn defeats Epic via pinfall
Nakazawa defeats Skinny Boy via submission

Jebailey defeats Nakazawa via pinfall
​​​​​​Jushin Liger defeats Rocky Romero via pinfall. ​
Guerrillas of Destiny defeat Juice Robinson and David Finlay via pinfall
Jeff Cobb defeats Chase Owens via pinfall
Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi defeat Roppongi 3k via pinfall
The Golden Lovers defeat Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi via pinfall

Chasyn vs Epic

The commentary describes this as a "dark match" to get the crowd warmed up. The two wrestlers exchange holds until Chasyn begins to land some combinations including a dropkick until Epic stops him with a should block. The two wrestler end up outside the ring where Epic lands a kick from the apron and slides Chasyn back into the ring.

Epic grounds his opponent and tries to keep him there with strikes and headlocks. Chasyn gets space but Epic maintains control. There are a few pin attempts during this time. Chasyn gets some reversal into pin attempts but then takes a punch from Epic before the two begin to exchange strikes back and forth.

After a taunt, Chasyn gets the upper hand and lands a top rope splash and then a suicide dive. Another top rope move is reversed and Epic lands a super-cutter and then a piledriver. Chasyn lands a rope hung piledriver and gets the pin.

Chaysn defeats Epic via pinfall.

Michael Nakazawa comes out to the ring for his open challenge. He is condescending to the crowd and says he's there to show them Japanese people are better than Americans including video game players and wrestlers. The challenge is answered by a wrestler who Nakazawa calls "skinny boy" but doesn't let him to actually introduce himself.

Michael Nakazawa vs "Skinny Boy"

After taking a pre-match beat down Skinny Boy is about to land a punch but then Nakazawa spears him then lands an high angle back suplex. Skinny Boy kicks out. Nakazawa then takes his underwear off and puts it on his face.

Nakazawa defeats Skinny Boy via submission.

Nakazawa wants more challengers and implies he has more pairs of underwear. Founder of CEO Gaming Jebailey interrupts on a microphone but he's in a wheelchair because of an injury. He has to be physically over the railing and is on crutches. Nakazawa says he can't use the crutch in the match so he kicks it out from under him.

Nakazawa vs Jebailey

Nakazawa beats him down and puts baby oil on himself. He then attacks Jebailey's injured leg and pours oul on his chest. He used the slippery chest to turn a double stomp into a senton. He is so slippery at one point Nakazawa can't suplex him and Jebailey lands a body slam then an elbow drop.

Nakazawa takes off another pair of underwear but doesn't smother Jebailey but instead the referee. Jebailey uses the crutch while the referee is down and then lands a big boot with his cast. Jebailey lands a Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Jebailey defeats Nakazawa via pinfall.

Kenny Omega joins him in the ring to congratulate him and to thank the crowd for coming. Omega lets the crowd that they have not even started the "main show." Jebailey says that he tore his Achilles on Thursday training for the show.

Rocky Romero vs Jushin Liger

The two wrestlers stand on the second rope in the corner to see who is getting more cheers. The first few minutes Romero is teasing some devious actions but does not employ them right away. He extends his hand for a handshake and Liger is skeptical. Romero shakes his hand and then raises it but eventually kicks him. Liger attacks Romero with a baseball slide after teasing a suicide dive. Liger ties Romero up in surfboard type submission.

Liger is in control and begins to chop Romero's chest but then Romero tricks Liger into falling outside and then lands his own suicide dive. Romero begins to showboat as he continues to beat down Liger. It all comes to a end when he runs into Liger's boot in the corner and then a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Liger then uses a Romero special on Romero including a dragon sleeper variation.

Romero reverses a Liger bomb and gains control to hit his repeating clotheslines in the corner. Romero lands some bigger moves including a sliced bread then goes to the top rope. Liger reverses and turns into into a superplex. Romero kicks out at two. Liger lands a Liger Bomb for the win.

Jushin Liger defeats Rocky Romero via pinfall.

Guerrillas of Destiny vs Juice Robinson and David Finlay

Robinson's hand is immediately at play in the match as it allows Tanga Loa to gain the advantage but Robinson eventually gets the upper hand and tags in his partner Finlay. Robinson and Finlay use some quick tags to keep Loa isolated from his brother Tama Tonga who tries to get involved but Robinson and Finlay keep him out of the action.

The two teams have a stand off as the Guerrillas of Destiny are outside who begin to high five Bullet Club fans. Robinson and Finlay go out and retrieve their opponents. Tonga ends up alone in the ring with the two wrestlers but his brother soon comes in to even the odds.

Tonga beats up Finlay on the outside as Loa beats up Robinson on the inside. Tonga and Finlay make their way into the crowd as the two legal wrestlers are in the ring. The camera stays zoomed out during this but Tonga returns without Finlay. The two brothers double team Robinson a little before Finlay makes his way back to the ring.

Tonga is being disrespectful towards the crowd and his opponent. Robinson tries a roll up but eats several boots for his effort. Tonga and Loa begin to tag in and out to double team Robinson whose partner has to save him from being pinned.

Finlay finally gets the tag and takes out the other team with a flurry of offense. Loa and Tonga get control again and attempt to continue the beatdown on Robinson but he reverses a double suplex. The action breaks down and people quitting taging in and out.

Tonga lands a high cutter on Finlay for the win.

Guerrillas of Destiny defeat Juice Robinson and David Finlay via pinfall.

Chase Owen vs Jeff Cobb

Cobb picks up Owen with ease while in a headlock. Every maneuver Owens tries, Cobb reverses with grappling as Owens keeps complaining to the referee about something.

Cobb lands atomic drop, a polish hammer, and a belly-to-belly suplex. Owens tries a takedown which obviously wont work and Cobb grabs a face lock. While they are tied up in the ropes, Owens uses it as a weapon then starts to stomp Cobb.

While he's winning, Owens begins to taunt Cobb and manages to land some serious offense including a kick to a kneeling Cobb. Owens tells the crowd to "suck it" and Cobb lands a standing dropkick.

Cobb begins to land his big moves and has Owens reeling after a reversal Owens gets Cobb on the outside, tosses him inside, and lands an elbow off of the top rope. After a shining wizard, Cobb kicks out.

An elbow by Owens doesn't phase Cobb and neither does two big boots. After an exchange of strikes both men are on wobbly legs. There's a Clothesline by Owens and Cobb kicks out. After a failed package piledriver, Cobb lands some offense including his tour of the islands finisher.

Jeff Cobb defeats Chase Owens via pinfall.

Roppongi 3k vs Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi

Yoh and Taguchi start the match off and they start off with a some odd evasive maneuvers and then crisscross each other while they run the ropes. They both get so tired they fall on each other. Lee and Sho tag in and they are more serious. They start by exchanging forearms which lasts for a long time. Then they try to shoulder block each other but Dragon lee lands a kick. After a couple reversals the two wrestlers stop to look at each other.

Yoh and Sho gain control and beat down Lee and then start to use their advantage to isolate him from Taguchi who gets reprimanded by the referee for trying to help Lee. Taguchi trying to help ends up hurting Lee quite a bit.

Dragon Lee fights back with some high-flying offense including a Spanish fly and he's able to tag Taguchi who uses his hip attack on both Sho and Yoh before landing a couple dives to the outside.

Taguchi is eventually on the business end of some double-team maneuvers and Lee tries to help him but is taken out by his opponents. Taguchi reverses the finisher and Lee comes and lands a quick German suplex on both Sho and Yoh. Lee lands a hurricanrana on Sho to the outside.

Yoh tries a few quick pin attempts on Taguchi but gets reversed.

Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi defeat Roppongi 3k via pinfall.

Golden Lovers vs Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi

Ibushi and Takahashi are the first two in the ring. Before there was any action, Takahashi brings Daryl the Cat Jr into the ring and even holds him through some sequences before tagging out. Omega also tags in and begins to be taunted by Naito before they lockup.

Naito tosses both of the Golden Lovers outside and feigns that he was going for a dive before he does his infamous laying down pose in the ring. The action picks ups. The Golden Lovers are cut off before going for dueling moonsaults and then the action goes out to the floor. Omega is given a double suplex on the ramp but makes it back to the ring.

Ibushi isn't at the corner and Omega is taking a lot of offense from Takahashi and Naito. There is an eye gouge by Naito before landing a modified double stomp in the corner. Omega fights back until he gets a tag to Ibushi who comes in quickly to knock Takahashi off the apron. He and Naito then start to trade forearms but Ibushi unleashes a combination of strikes.

Omega and Ibushi land their "cross slash" which is dueling moonsaults to the outside. The Golden Lovers then hits a combination of moves that looks like More Bang For Your Buck (the Young Bucks finisher.) Before they can hit the Golden Trigger double knee, Omega is pulled outside. Naito hits a reverse frankensteiner on Ibushi.

Takahashi comes in and he and Ibushi hit each other with a few big moves. Ibushi tries to tag Omega but Naito pulls Omega off the apron then stomps Ibushi.

Ibushi lands a double Pele kick and then Omega comes into the ring to check on him. Takahashi counters a Meltzer driver attempt and then powerbombs Ibushi on the outside. He hits a Time Bomb and Ibushi kicks out. The four wrestlers then all hit big moves and then fall to the mat.

Takahashi and Ibushi exchange a few dozen forearms before Ibushi lands a round house kick to the head of Takahashi. Ibushi tags in Omega who is fired up. Omega sets up a one winged angel but it's reversed. The Golden Lovers then hit a powerbomb German suplex combination on Naito.

The Golden Lovers then hit the Golden Trigger.

The Golden Lovers defeat Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi via pinfall.

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