WWE Raw Results For 8/20/2018: A WWE Universal Title Match, The Shield Is Back & Kurt Angle Goes On Vacation

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- WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, Reigns grabs the microphone to say that he is a man of his word and he captured the WWE Universal Title just like he said he would. Reigns says he is going to defend the WWE Universal Title tonight, Reigns says he wants to defend the gold against Finn Balor. Balor makes his way to the ring and he grabs a microphone, Balor says that he accepts the challenge and he’ll win the title tonight. The two shake hands before Constable Corbin comes out with a microphone, Corbin says the match isn’t happening tonight because Balor came out as The Demon at WWE Summerslam 2018.

Corbin then claimed that their match never happened last night and they’ll have a rematch tonight, Reigns and Corbin take some shots at each other on the mic. Raw GM Kurt Angle interrupts and comes out to the stage, Angle says that he makes the matches and Corbin doesn’t. Angle confirms that Reigns versus Balor will be the main event tonight, Angle then says Corbin has a match tonight against Bobby Lashley and it starts right now.

Bobby Lashley vs. Constable Corbin

The match begins with Lashley scoring a few takedowns against Corbin, Corbin gets to the ropes to get free of Lashley. Corbin goes after Lashley and Lashley nails him with a neck breaker, Lashley drags Corbin around the ring while smashing his head into the top turnbuckle a few times. Corbin rolls out of the ring and Lashley follows him out there to land a few more strikes, Lashley gets Corbin in the ring and he nails him with a spear in the corner. Lashley mounts Corbin in the corner while landing a series of punches, Lashley then uses a clothesline to knock Corbin out of the ring. Lashley follows Corbin out of the ring and he throws him back in there, Lashley goes to the ring apron and Corbin knocks him to the arena floor.

Corbin grabs Lashley and he throws him into the barricade, Corbin gets Lashley in the ring and he applies the modified chin lock. Lashley fights back and he eventually drops Corbin with a clothesline, Lashley picks Corbin up and he nails him with a few strikes. Lashley goes for the suplex and Corbin shoves him out of the ring, Corbin rolls out of the ring to drop Lashley with a suplex as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Corbin holding Lashley in the modified chin lock, Corbin releases the hold before throwing Lashley into the ring post. Lashley recovers and he throws Corbin into the ring post, Lashley and Corbin have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring.

Lashley then drops Corbin a few times before landing an overhead release suplex, Lashley then hits a cornered Corbin with a clothesline. Corbin fights back and Lashley nails him with a spine buster for a near fall, Corbin rolls out of the ring and Lashley follows him out there to land more strikes. Lashley gets Corbin in the ring and Corbin immediately drops Lashley with a right, Corbin gets Lashley on the top rope and he nails him with a few more strikes. Corbin follows Lashley up there and Lashley knocks him off, Lashley leaps off the ropes and Corbin counters with a choke breaker for a near fall. Corbin goes for a clothesline and Lashley counters with a Dominator for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is watching the action in his office when Paul Heyman arrives, Heyman says that Brock Lesnar wants a rematch for the WWE Universal Title. Angle says the contract does allow for a rematch and that won’t be coming for a long time, Heyman says Lesnar wants the rematch at WWE Hell In A Cell and Angle turns him down.

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is on his phone when Constable Corbin arrives and complains about what just happened, Angle says his job is to do what’s best for the WWE Universe. Corbin says that he is going to be talking to Stephanie McMahon about everything.

- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Triple H & The Undertaker.

Ember Moon & The Boss & Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley) vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)

The match begins with Banks slapping Riott before dropping her and landing more strikes, Bayley tags in and she double teams Riott with Banks. Moon tags in and she rolls up Riott for a near fall, Logan tags in and Moon drops her with a forearm strike. Moon then hits Logan with a drop kick followed by a side kick for a near fall, a brawl quickly breaks out between both teams and it spills to the arena floor. Moon takes Logan out with a suicide dive as we go to a commercial break , we return from the break to see Bayley wrenching away on the arm of Morgan. Morgan gets free and Bayley sends her into the corner before landing a knee strike, Logan distracts Bayley and Morgan knocks her out of the ring.

Riott then nails Bayley with an STO on the arena floor after tagging into the match, Logan tags in and she kicks away at a cornered Bayley. Morgan tags in and she stretches Bayley while trapping her in the ropes, Logan drops Bayley so Morgan can get a near fall on her. Morgan slows things down while holding Bayley in a chin lock, the Riott Squad triple teams Bayley as Logan tags into get a near fall. Logan holds Bayley down while applying the cobra clutch, Bayley gets free and Logan stomps away on her. Riott tags in and Bayley rolls her up for a near fall, Banks tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team. Banks then nails a kicking Riott with a knee strike, Banks traps Riott in the corner before landing a double knee strike for a near fall.

Moon then hits Morgan with a tornado suplex on the arena floor, Logan and Bayley battle on the arena floor until Bayley goes down. Banks then hits Logan with a double knee strike on the arena floor, Riott nails Banks with a Riott Kick for the three count.

Winners: The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)