IWS Unstoppable Results: 3 Title Matches, An Alcobrawl & A Hardcore Match

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IWS World Championship
Benjamin Tull def. Rory Gulak to retain the title

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Hardcore Match
The Green Phantom def. Matt Tremont & Nick Gage 

Sexxxy Eddy fought Arik Cannon to a draw

Max Lemire def. Sheldon Jean, Sanchez, Black Dynamite, Excess & Superkid Nelson

IWS Canadian Championship
Kevin Blanchard def. Ophidian to retain the title

IWS Women’s Championship
Addy Starr def. Solo Darling & Veda Scott to win the title

Mikey & Mainz def. Mercedes Brothers def. (Casanova Productions) Jordano & Fernado, Karl Jepson & James Runyan

J-Money def. Alexander Dean

Alexander Dean vs. J-Money

The match begins with J-Money dancing before Dean throws him to the ground, J-Money gets up while Dean wrenches away on his arm. Dean reaches for J-Money’s money and J-Money gets him in a headlock, J-Money and Dean crisscross until J-Money get tired. J-Money starts chopping Dean with his money, J-Money then hits Dean with an arm drag followed by a head scissors takedown. Dean gets caught in the ropes and J-Money nails him with a hip attack, Dean recovers and tosses J-Money onto the top rope. Dean then stomps away on a downed J-Money, J-Money fights back and Dean drops him with a uranage followed by a senton for a near fall. Dean drags J-Money around the ring while landing a few strikes, J-Money recovers and hits Dean with a springboard cross body block.

J-Money follows that up by nailing Dean with a tornado DDT, J-Money then nails a cornered Dean with a bronco buster. J-Money then nails Dean with a death valley driver for a near fall, J-Money goes to the ring apron and Dean drags him back in the ring before landing a release German suplex. Dean crushes J-Money with an arm trap suplex for a near fall, J-Money fights back and he nails Dean with a crucifix bomb followed by a roll up for a three count.

Winner: J-Money

IWS Canadian Championship
Kevin Blanchard (c) vs. Ophidian

The match begins with Blanchard attacking Ophidian with a high kick, Ophidian trips up Blanchard on the next kick and he wrenches away on the arm. Blanchard gets free and a striking exchange breaks out with Ophidian, Ophidian catches Blanchard with a spin kick to the midsection. Blanchard recovers to land a few kicks before eating a spinning heel kick, Ophidian lands a middle rope moonsault for a near fall. Blanchard recovers to nail Ophidian with a spinning kick to the face, Ophidian gets free of Blanchard to land a head kick. Blanchard respond by landing a super kick followed by a buckle bomb for a near fall, Ophidian and Blanchard have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Ophidian trips up Blanchard before landing a springboard knee drop to the arm, Ophidian locks Blanchard in the cobra clutch and Blanchard gets free.

Ophidian punishes Blanchard further by landing a brain buster followed by a running double knee strike, Ophidian goes for a handstand in the corner and Blanchard nails him with a super kick. Blanchard then hits Ophidian with a knee strike followed by a super kick for a near fall, Blanchard goes to the top rope and he misses a double stomp. Ophidian then cracks Blanchard with an enzaguri and a face plant roll up for a near fall, Ophidian follows up by landing a lung blower for another near fall. Ophidian and Blanchard have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Blanchard goes for a buckle bomb and Ophidian counters with a hurricarana followed by double knee strikes. Ophidian hits Blanchard with a meteora, Blanchard recovers to land a destroyer followed by a top rope double stomp for a three count.

Winner: Kevin Blanchard, still the IWS Canadian Champion

Mercedes Brothers vs. Casanova Productions (Jordano & Fernado) vs. Maredes & Mainz vs. Karl Jepson & James Runyan

The match begins with an all out brawl between everybody in the match, bodies start getting dumped to the arena floor right away. Maredes and Mainz battle the Mercedes Brothers in the ring while everybody else brawls on the arena floor, Maredes and Mainz eventually clear the ring. Mainz quickly takes some competitors out with a suicide dive, Maredes then does a dive off the top rope onto everybody. Mainz gets Fernado in the ring and a woman with a rose distracts him, everybody makes it back in the ring and four of the wrestlers wind up on the wrong end of a four way suplex. Jepson and Runyan then battle Maredes and Mainz while everybody else is one the arena floor, Jepson hits a leaping Mainz with a power slam for a near fall. Mercedes brothers this double team Runyan for another near fall, Jepson then causes one Mercedes brother to DDT the other.

Jepson goes to the top rope and he is met up there by the Mercedes Brothers, the Mercdes Brothers hit Jepson with a double superplex. Casanova Productions lays out Runyan while Mainz destroys their jackets, Mainz drills Runyan with a pair of head kicks. Maredes lands a top rope splash on Runyan for a three count.

Winners: Maredes & Mainz

Hardcore Match
Matt Tremont vs. Nick Gage vs. The Green Phantom

The match begins with Tremont and Gage brawling in the crowd before the Phantom arrives, Phantom eventually arrives and he does a dive onto both opponents. Phantom then throws Gage into a bunch of chairs, Tremont appears and he throws Phantom into some chairs as well. Tremont and Gage continue their brawling, Gage grabs a bunch of chairs and he attacks both opponents with them. Tremont responds by throwing a chair at the head of Gage and Phantom, Tremont and Gage sit on some chairs while exchanging blows. Phantom ends that exchange by leaping onto both competitors, Phantom grabs Gage and he throws him into a bunch of chairs. Phantom grabs a board and he throws it in the ring, Tremont grabs a chair and he attacks Phantom with it. Tremont and Phantom have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Gage trips up Phantom and drags him out of the ring before throwing him into some chairs.

Tremont takes Gage down with a headlock takedown before choking him with a chair, Tremont sets a board up in the corner before getting kicked in the balls. Phantom gets back in the ring and Gage throws Tremont at him, Gage then hits Phantom with a face wash and a middle rope elbow drop. Gage then hits a charging Tremont with a spine buster, Gage corners Tremont while biting him on his head. Tremont and Gage exchange a ton of headbutts in the corner, Tremont grabs a fork and he stabs Gage in the head with it. Phantom returns and he stabs Tremont with the fork, Gage grabs a chair and he attacks Phantom with it. Tremont nails Gage with a Samoan drop on top of two set up chairs for a near fall, Tremont then drops Phantom onto the chairs as well for another near fall. Tremont then nails Gage with a spear into the board that was in the corner, Phantom then hits Tremont with a head and arm suplex through the board for a three count.

Winner: The Green Phantom

Max Lemire vs. Sheldon Jean vs. Sanchez vs. Black Dynamite vs. Excess vs. Superkid Nelson

The match begins with Excess mocking Lemire and everybody jumps Lemire afterwards, Lemira fights back and he nails everybody with avalanches. Lemire also tosses everybody around the ring before finally clearing it, Lemire goes for a dive and Excess attacks him with chair shots. Dynamite then knocks Lemire out of the ring so Excess can land more chair shots, Dynamite goes after Excess and they brawl until Sanchez lands a dive. Sanchez and Excess take their battle into the ring, Sanchez crushes Excess with a moonsault DDT. Nelson comes in and he eats a super kick and German suplex from Sanchez, Nelson fights back and he nails Sanchez with a middle rope code breaker. Jean then nails Nelson with a lariat for a near fall, Excess hits the ring and is quickly dropped by Jean. Dynamite and Jean have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring, Jean goes for a springboard move and he slips to clothesline himself on the top rope.

Dynamite then takes Lemire down with a slingshot rana on the arena floor, Nelson and Excess have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Excess traps Nelson in the ropes while applying a tarantula, Dynamite breaks that up by nailing Excess with a moonsault. Sanchez returns and he nails Dynamite with a double stomp, Nelson returns and he nails Sanchez with a TKO. Jean hits Nelson with a DDT before Dynamite takes him out with a twisting moonsault. Excess comes in and is quickly dropped by an enzaguri from Dynamite, Excess then crotches Dynamite on the top rope and he follows him up there to land a flip power slam for a near fall. A four way striking exchange takes place in the middle of the ring between some of the competitors, Lemire then takes everybody out with a dive from the top rope. Lemire hits Excess with a sit out power bomb for a three count.

Winner: Max Lemire

IWS Women’s Championship
Addy Starr vs. Solo Darling vs. Veda Scott

The match begins with an all out brawl between all three competitors, Scott quickly drops Darling with a release German suplex. Starr then drops Scott after landing a series of knee strikes, Darling trips up Starr while twisting away on her leg. Darling holds Starr down while applying a modified cloverleaf, Darling and Starr proceed to exchange a ton of kicks. Darling and Starr get back up and have a striking exchange, Darling drops Starr before attacking her with a plethora of kicks. Darling then nails Starr with a pump handle slam for a near fall, Scott returns and she nails Darling with a clothesline. Scott drops Darling with a series of kicks before knocking her out of the ring, Scott corners Starr while attacking her injured leg. Starr recovers and she nails Scott with a Diamond Dust, Darling returns and she nails Starr with a drop kick followed by a suplex.

Starr recovers and she sends Darling into the ropes before landing a knee strike, Starr drags Darling to the ring apron. Darling attacks Starr with more kicks before landing a suplex on the ring apron, Scott returns to drop kick Darling to the arena floor. Scott drags Darling back into the ring and she German suplexes Starr while snapping Darling’s legs, Scott misses a charge in the corner and Starr hangs her in the middle rope. Darling interferes and is placed on top of Scott, Starr then hits both women with a top rope double knee strike. Starr goes for a Sliding D and Darling blocks it before landing a power slam for a near fall, Scott interferes and Darling drops her on top of Starr. Darling applies the double sharp shooter to both opponents and Scott gets to the ropes to break everything, all three competitors get involved in a striking exchange.

Starr misses a charge in the corner and Scott nails her with a few head kicks before landing a muscle buster for a near fall, Darling hits the ring and Scott nails her with a cutter. Starr then drills Scott with a knee strike followed by a Sliding D for a three count.

Winner: Addy Starr, you’re new IWS Women’s Champion

IWS World Championship
Benjamin Tull (c) vs. Rory Gulak

The match begins with Gulak scoring a takedown on Hull while controlling his head, Tull gets up and controls the head of Gulak. Gulak drags Tull back to the mat and he gets back control, Tull gets to the rope to get free from the grasp of Gulak. Tull gets Gulak down with a test of strength and Gulak gets right back up while wrenching away on his arm, Gulak transitions to a headlock on Tull. Tull gets free and he drops Gulak with a right to the face, Tull then nails a cornered Gulak with an avalanche followed by a boot to the face for a near fall. Tull keeps Gulak down while landing some more strikes, Gulak recovers and scores a takedown on Tull before landing additional strikes. Gulak goes for an ankle lock and Tull gets to the ropes, Tull leaves the ring and eats an arm kick when trying to get back in.

Gulak goes for a suicide dive and Tull catches him before ramming him into the ring post, Tull gets Gulak back in the ring to land an elbow drop for a near fall. Tull slows things down by applying a chin lock to Gulak, Tull keeps Gulak in the corner while landing additional strikes and an avalanche. Gulak fights back and Tull drops him with a single blow, Gulak fights back again and he knocks Tull to the arena floor. Gulak follows up by taking Tull out with a suicide dive, Gulak gets Tull back in the ring before landing a top rope splash for a near fall. Tull recovers and he hits Gulak with a swinging uranage for a near fall, Gulak goes to the ring apron and Tull gets him back in the ring. Gulak then hits Tull with a release German suplex for a near fall, Tull recovers to hit Gulak with some strikes. Tull misses a charge in the corner and Gulak lands another German suplex, Tull recovers and nails Gulak with a lariat for a near fall.

Tull then hits Gulak with a release belly to belly suplex, Tull goes to the top rope and he misses the phoenix splash attempt. Gulak goes to the top rope and Tull meets him up there, Gulak knocks Tull off the ropes with a headbutt. Tully catches a leaping Gulak and nails him with a Michinoku Driver for a three count.

Winner: Benjamin Tull, still the IWS Heavyweight Champion

Sexxxy Eddy vs. Arik Cannon

The match begins with Cannon getting Eddy into the corner before landing a chop, Eddy fights back and goes to the top rope. Music stars playing and both competitors start dancing, the competitors go to the bar and take some drinks before brawling again. Cannon gets Eddy back in the ring and Eddy fires back to start a striking exchange, Cannon and Eddy drop each other with a double clothesline. More music plays and more drinking takes place a few moments later, the brawling begins after both competitors tease throwing up. They brawl back towards the ringside area and away from the bar, they battle back into the ring and exchange chops. Cannon eventually drops Eddy with a back elbow strike, Cannon then hits a downed Eddy with a rolling neck breaker. Cannon throws Eddy out of the ring before the music plays again, the competitors drink more alcohol.

Eddy attacks Cannon with strikes and the brawl between the two continues on, Cannon grabs a cup full of alcohol and he hits Eddy with it. Cannon gets Eddy in the ring and he follows him in there, Eddy and Cannon have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. The music plays and everybody starts dancing around the ring, Cannon throws the board in the ring before both competitors take more drinks. Cannon attacks Eddy with a garbage can before throwing a bunch of weapons in the ring, Cannon sets the board up on some chairs in the ring. The music plays again and the drinks are brought to the ring this time and set up on the board, the competitors decide to give some of the fans some beer. Eddy hits Cannon with a German suplex and both competitors shoulder are down as the referee makes the count.

Match Result: Draw

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