Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Part 2 Results: The Greatest Clusterf*ck, Masato Tanaka, LA Park, LAX, The Rock N' Roll Express & More!

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The Greatest Clusterf*ck
The match ended in a no contest

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LAX (Santana & Ortiz) def. The Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

LA Park def. Masato Tanaka

Jungle Boy def. Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford

Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford vs. Jungle Boy

The match begins with Boy catching Janela in a headlock, Janela gets free and Boy drops him with a hurricarana followed by an arm drag. Janela recovers and he attacks Boy with some chops, Janela then has a super kick contest with Boy. Boy drops Janela before landing a thrust kick to the head, Janela and Boy go back to exchanging super kicks until Janela lands a clothesline. Boy recovers and he crushes Janela with a clothesline of his own, Janela and Boy both go down after a double clothesline lands. Janela rolls out of the ring and Boy takes him out with multiple suicide dives, Boy goes to the top rope and Janela attacks him with some strikes. Janela gets Boy off the turnbuckle before landing an inverted brain buster on the ring apron, Janela gets Boy back in the ring for a near fall on a pin attempt.

Janela traps Boy in the corner before nailing him with more chops, a chopping exchange breaks out between Janela and Boy. Boy sets up for a dive and Janela cracks him with a forearm strike, Boy recovers to hit Janela with a spear and a Jungle Cutter for a near fall. Boy then attacks a kneeling Janela with a series of kicks, Ford interferes and she takes Boy out with a series of hurricaranas. Boy recovers and he nails Ford with a lung blower, Janela then hits Boy with a package pile driver for a near fall. Janela stands over Boy and he lands a few strikes, Boy recovers and he hits Janela with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Boy goes for a middle rope moonsault and Janela catches him in a dragon sleeper, Boy gets to the ropes to break the submission. Janela then applies the camel clutch and Boy quickly gets to the ropes, Janela gets Boy and he brings him to the ring apron, Boy hits Janela with a death valley driver on the ring apron.

Boy then leaps off the middle rope onto Janela and they both crash into a bunch of chairs in the crowd, Boy gets Janela in the ring and he hits Boy with a tombstone pile driver from out of nowhere for a near fall. Janela misses a charging to the corner and Boy nails him with a lung blower, Boy goes to the top rope and Janela meets him up there. Janela takes Boy down with a super brain buster for a one count, Boy nails Janela with a thrust kick and a knee strike for a near fall. Janela avoids a knee strike to exchange German suplexes with Boy, Janela jumps on the back of Boy while applying a sleeper hold. Boy escapes and he gets Janela in a modified abdominal stretch and a tap out follows.

Winner: Jungle Boy

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. The Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

The match begins with Santana backing Gibson into the corner before letting him go free, Gibson does the same to Santana a few moments later. Gibson drops Santana with a shoulder tackle and a hip toss, Ortiz interferes and gets worked over as well. Morton tags in and he double teams Santana with Gibson, Gibson tags back in and he wrenches away on the arm of Santana. Morton tags in and he stomps on the arm of Santana, Santana fights back and he tags Ortiz into the ring. Morton takes Ortiz down with an arm drag before wrenching away on his arm, Ortiz recovers and he hits Morton with a power slam. Santana tags back in and he nails Morton with a double stomp to the arm, Santana also chokes Morton on the middle rope. Ortiz tags in and LAX double teams Morton for a near fall, Morton fights back and Ortiz misses a charge in the corner.

Gibson and Santana get tagged in by their respective partners, Gibson cleans house against the opposing team. Santana accidentally nails Ortiz with a clothesline, Morton rolls up Santana out of nowhere for a near fall. Ortiz then hits Gibson with a leg drop, Ortiz goes to the top rope and he lands a top rope splash for a near fall. Morton hits Santana with a destroyer out of nowhere to break the pin attempt, Morton then takes out LAX with a dive to the arena floor. Gibson then gets a near fall on Ortiz as Santana hits the ring, LAX then lay out Gibson and Morton with double super kicks. LAX recovers and they hit Morton with an assisted cannonball for a three count.

Winners: LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

LA Park vs. Masato Tanaka

The match begins with a shoving contest between the two that turns into a striking exchange, Tanaka corners Park and they a clothesline exchange breaks out. Park then hits Tanaka with a reverse bulldog, Park works over a downed Tanaka to get a few near falls on some pin attempts. Park takes off his belt and he whips Tanaka with it, Tanaka fights back and he nails Park with a tornado DDT. Tanaka then hits Parka with a Sliding D for a near fall, Park rolls out of the ring and Tanaka takes him out with a dive. Tanaka grabs a fans drink and he attacks Park with it, Tanaka drags Park into the crowd before Park throws him into the ring edge. Park grabs a chair and he attacks Tanaka with it, Park picks up Tanaka and he slams him onto a bunch of chairs.

Park drags Tanaka closer to the ringside area before throwing him into the ring post, Park then grabs some doors and throws them in the ring. Park sets up a door on the middle rope and he power bombs Tanaka through it for a near fall, Park grabs the other table and he sets it up in the opposite corner. Park then hits Tanaka with a release German suplex followed by a knee strike, Park climbs to the top rope and Tanaka follows him up there to land a superplex. Tanaka goes back to the top rope and he lands a frog splash for a near fall, Park recovers and he spears Tanaka through the other door for a three count.

Winner: LA Park

The Greatest Clusterf*ck

The match begins with #1 Necro Butcher and #2 is Nick Gage, Butcher nails Gage with a few strikes and #3 is Shlak and Markus Krane. Butcher attacks Shlak and Krane after they bring a door into the ring, Butcher and Shlak have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. #4 is Georgie Boy and he brings a rubber chicken into the ring, Gage and Krane work over Georgie until Gage turns on Krane. Gage grabs the chicken and he hits Georgie with it, Krane grabs the door and he attacks everybody with it. Shlak and Krane put Georgie through the door, Shlak and Krane and beat Georgie with pieces of the door. #5 is Swoggle and he nails Shlak with some thrust kicks before eating a spear, Butcher tries ripping away at the face of Krane in the corner. #6 is Arik Cannon and he immediately has a striking exchange with Gage, Swoggle and Butcher battle in the corner. Swoggle nails Butcher in the balls with a rubber chicken, Shlak throws Georgie over the top rope for an elimination.

#7 is Joe Gacy and he goes right after Gage and they start brawling, Gacy then hits Cannon with a handspring cutter. Krane sneaks behind Gacy and puts him in a dragon sleeper, #8 is Brian Pillman Jr and he also goes right at Gage. The eight competitors in the match all brawl with each other in different corners of the ring, Krane tries suffocating Pillman Jr with a plastic bag. Shlak and Krane hit Pillman Jr with a double back suplex, #9 is Nate Webb. They bring out guitars and perform for the crowd, everybody continues battling each other in the ring while the song is sung. Pillman Jr is brawling with somebody on the arena floor and weapons are used, #10 is MJF and he attacks Webb and Stunt. Krane was eliminated during the entrance of MJF, #11 is Joey Ryan and he instantly oils himself up before nailing Cannon with a super kick.

MJF tries kicking Ryan low and Ryan’s dong is too strong, #12 is Sexxxy Eddy and he gets oiled up with Ryan and Pillman Jr. #13 is Effy and he causes Ryan to fight Eddy, Ryan removes Eddy’s towel and Eddy is now completely nude. Effy dropkicks a naked Eddy ass first into the face of Ryan, #14 is Nick Barretti and Eddy hits Effy with a naked moonsault. Cannon rolls up Eddy for the three count and the elimination, #15 is Marko Stunt and #16 is Logan Stunt. Cannon finds a towel and he tries suffocating MJF with it, Swoggle and Gacy double team MJF in the corner. The Stunt brothers argue with each other and Butcher dumps Logan out of the ring for an elimination, #17 is Team Whitewolf and they immediately double team and pin Pillman Jr for an elimination. Barretti stomps on the head of Marko near the bottom rope, #18 is Kobe Durst and he goes right after Cannon. Swoggle grabs Ryan by the penis and dumps him over the top rope for an elimination, #19 is Egotistico Fantastico and he immediately eats a code breaker from Durst.

Fantastico recovers by nailing Durst with a super rana and a moonsault, Butcher randomly attacks a referee and throws him out of the ring. #20 is G-Raver and he goes right after Cannon, Raver stabs Swoggle in the head with some needles. Swoggle gets angry and he nails Raver with a German suplex, Cannon nails Swoggle with a super kick and pins him for an elimination. #21 is Kikutaro and Barretti gets eliminated as he walks by. Kikutaro immediately sticks his fingers up various wrestlers asses, Kikutaro passes out from the smell of his butt fingers and he gets pinned for an elimination. #22 is Teddy Hart and Team Whitewolf is working everybody they can get their hands on, Raver nails Shlak with a top rope double knee strike. Hart enters the ring with his cat while Cannon eliminates both members of Team Whitewolf, #23 is Homicide and he goes right towards Hart and they start brawling. #24 is Cryme Tyme and they go after Hart and Homicide, JTG dumps Hart out of the ring for an elimination.

Cannon rolls up Shlak for a three count and elimination, Cannon and Fantastico eliminate Durst with a double pin. Homicide and Shad Gaspard battle on the arena floor as the ring empties and the brawl spills everywhere, #25 is the Grim Reefer and he leaps off the stage before getting in the ring. Homicide hits Reefer with an ace crusher before going to the top rope, Reefer gets up and shoves Homicide over the top rope for an elimination. #26 is the Ugly Ducklings and they all start attacking the participants in the match, #27 is Slim J and the Ugly Ducklings dump Reefer over the top rope for an elimination. J uses aerial moves to attack all of the Ugly Ducklings, J does a suicide dive to the arena floor to take out the Ducklings. #28 is Facade and he also goes after the Ducklings, Facade causes one duckling to give the other a reverse rana. MJF dumps Gaspard out of the ring for an elimination, MJF eliminates JTG a short time later by dumping him over the top rope. #29 is Gringo Loco and he nails Raver with a swanton bomb.

Loco then hits a downed Facade with a standing moonsault, Loco hits a duckling with a one man Spanish fly. #30 is AJ Grey and he attacks everybody that he can get his hands on, Grey lays waste to all of the Ugly Ducklings. Grey dives off the top rope onto a bunch of people who are on the arena floor, #31 Ophidian and he nails Grey with a top rope double knee strike. Ophidian takes out some competitors with a suicide dive to the arena floor, the Ugly Ducklings hit a suicide dive onto a bunch of people on the arena floor. Loco does his own suicide dive as well, #32 is Rich Swann and he nails a duckling with a standing drop kick followed by a rana. Swann then takes out a bunch of competitors with a suicide dive, Facade does his own dive a few moments later. #33 is No Legs and he nails Fantastico with a 619 followed by a swanton bomb for a three count and elimination, Legs then dives outside the ring onto a bunch of competitors.

MJF attacks Loco after Loco attacked Marko, #34 is Brendan Brown of Wheetus and he immediately goes after MJF. Brown recovers and he nails MJF with a stunner before throwing him over the top rope for an elimination, Facade does another dive onto some competitors on the arena floor. #35 is The End and they go after everybody that is left in the ring, The End nail two of the duckling with a super collider before dumping them both over the top rope for two eliminations, The End eliminates another duckling a few moments later. #36 is the Shane Mercer and The End dumps Grey and Loco out of the ring for another elimination, The End dumps Facade over the top rope for another elimination. The End toss Legs out of the ring for another elimination, Parrow of The End hits Swann with a sit out pile driver. Mercer fights back against both members of The End, Mercer then hits a member of The End with a moonsault power slam. Mercer then knocks both members of The End over the top rope for a double elimination, #37 is Tony Deppen and he crowd surfs.

#38 is Jake Atlas and Lucas Reilly and they guy right after Mercer, Reilly nails Mercer with a springboard cutter. Deppen attacks Atlas and nails him with a slingshot double stomp, Butcher grabs a chair and he attacks Gacy with it. #39 is Australian Suicide and he attacks Atlas and Reilly, Suicide also chokes a downed Mercer in the corner. #40 is KTB and he goes face to face with Deppen before landing a power bomb, KTB throws Deppen over the top rope for an elimination. KTB then hits Atlas and Reilly with a double fall away slam, KTB and Mercer have a striking exchange. #41 is Caveman Ugg and he goes right after Mercer and KTB, Ugg nails Atlas with a curb stomp and a suplex. Ugg uses a stunner to bounce Suicide over the top rope for an elimination, #42 is Crowbar and he hits Ugg with a slingshot leg drop. Crowbar then hits Gacy with a top rope rana for a near fall, #43 is Matt Tremont and he immediately attacks Butcher. Gacy grabs a chair and he attacks Crowbar with it, Mercer dumps Atlas and Reilly out of the ring for a double elimination.

#44 is Grizzly Redwood and he immediately attacks Mercer, Ugg has been eliminated alongside Storm while the other competitors were fighting. Tremont nails a swinging Swann with a lariat, #45 is Chris Dickinson and Sanchez and they go right after Butcher. Dickinson nails Redwood with a power bomb before stomping away on him, #46 is Michael Blaze and he nails Sanchez with a plethora of kicks. #47 is Kit Osbourne and Frankie Pickard and they immediately turn on each other when entering the ring, #48 is NWO Sting and he goes right after Sanchez and Dickinson. #49 is Tracy Smother and he starts swinging away at everybody, #50 is Mantaur and he goes right after Smothers. #51 is Matt Nix and Sting quickly drops him with a few strikes, Mantaur throws Sting over the top rope for an elimination. #52 is Cecil Nix and he suplexes Swann on the ring apron, Dickinson throws Smothers over the top rope for an elimination. #53 is Jimmy Lloyd and he immediately has a striking exchange with Tremont, Raver nails Osbourne with a top rope senton and Osbourne falls over the top rope for an elimination.

Raver and Tremont exchange a bunch of headbutts in the middle of the ring, #54 is Masashi Takeda and he immediately attacks Lloyd. #55 is Jeff Cannonball and he goes right after Takeda, Cecil dumps Mantaur out of the ring for an elimination. Dickinson dumps Mercer out of the ring a short time later, Lloyd grabs Takeda and dumps him over the top rope for an elimination. #56 is Ethan Page and he nails Ophidian with a power bomb, #57 is Essa Rios and he goes after everybody he can get his hands on. Rios gets a pin on Cecil to eliminate him from the match, Butcher was also dumped over the top rope for an elimination. #58 is a whole bunch of women wrestler and they come through the crowd, a bunch of doors are placed in the ring as well. Rios got eliminated as all the women were getting in the ring, Su Yung mists Cannon ball and the women take over the ring. Martina spits beer in the eyes of Raver before landing a tornado DDY, Marko comes in the ring and Ashley Vox hits him with an air raid crash. The ring has been emptied as everybody battles all over the arena, a clown is thrown into the ring and beaten up by all the women.

Some of the women bring a bunch of light tubes into the ring and they all attack Lloyd with them, Dickinson gets back in the ring and he starts attacking the women. The women overpower Dickinson and work him over in the corner, Manic superplexes Dickinson through a bunch of tables. The women also start attacking the referees as well, the women start taking apart the ring as well while attacking the referees. The women grab Joey Janela from backstage and they beat him up in the ring as well and a signal lost sign pops up on the screen to seemingly end the match and the show.

Match Result: No Contest

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