LIVE RAW COVERAGE 10/24: Lesnar Returns; Rollins vs KO vs Y2J

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  • Brock Lesnar responds to Goldberg

Which actually means that he stands in the middle of the ring, doing his bouncy deal, as Paul Heyman does the "responding."
But dare we hope that maybe someone interrupts the promo and gets annihilated?
Dare we?
Well, I do dare, and I hope it's Titus.
I hope he comes down, interrupts the promo with his #MakeItAWin nonsense, and gets DESTROYED.
But then I hope he holds a press conference with only Tom Phillips in attendance, and he's wearing a neckbrace.

  • Will friendship be tested in Triple Threat Main Event?

Yes it will.

Rollins is going to Pedigree Owens and pin him as Jericho does nothing to stop it.
That's my prediction.

  • Cesaro & Sheamus battle The New Day before WWE Hell in a Cell

Because the WWE loves to give away their PPV matches for free.
It's like a sickness.

  • Can Sami Zayn end Braun Strowman’s destruction?

Um, considering Braun threw a grown man clean over them mountains, probably not.
But it's going to be damn fun to watch him try.

  • Who will gain key momentum before WWE’s first Women’s Hell in a Cell Match?

It's either Sasha or Charlotte, not just because they're the two women involved in the match, but also because they're basically the only two women in the entire Raw division.

Also probably happening tonight:

  • Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have a grudge match, or set one up for the Kick-Off Show on Sunday.
  • TJP & Brian Kendrick go at it again, boring the masses to tears. Meanwhile super-exciting Cedric Alexander is hardly in the title picture and this division might fold up shop before he can get a real shot.
  • Also, Luke Gallows gets a win over Enzo Amore, so we can have 50/50 booking for this feud headed into Sunday.
  • Also, stupid, confusing, boring stuff involving Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon, almost certainly.



He says something unfathomable has happened.
Someone has stolen the list.
He won't leave the ring, he says, until whoever stole it brings it to him.

Kevin Owens' music hits.
He doesn't have the list either.
He says the list is stupid (how could he) and that he will help Chris look for the List after they beat up Seth Rollins in their triple threat tonight.

Chris doesn't want to wait, he wants it back now.
He and Kevin start to argue.

Stephanie McMahon's music hits.
She doesn't have the list, either.
She says KO is right, they both have to focus on Seth Rollins right now, but they'll all get the list back together.

Chris Jericho, like all precocious children, knows when he's being patronized, and he rejects their phony offers of assitance.

Seth Rollins' music hits.
He DOES have the list.
He's hiding it behind his back, but still. He's got it.
He says that Stephanie and KO are both on the list.
Neither of them believe that.

Seth says he's going to give Jericho the list back.
But then he doesn't.
In between, he launches into a ridiculous diatribe about all the parts of Kevin Owens that "will never be the same" after their match on Sunday.
He says there are 3 million parts of Kevin Owens, which is weird, unless he's counting individual skin cells.

He leaves, taking the list with him.

Jericho is non-plussed.



Steph wants to know where the list is.
Seth says some stuff about how Steph never should have turned her back on him.
Then he says he left the list in the locker room.


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