MLW Fusion Episode 25 Results LA Park vs Pentagon Jr., ACH vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Ricky Martinez vs Jake St.Patrick

Ricky immediately drops Jake with a roundhouse kick before smashing his face into the mat repeatedly for a quick two count. Ricky then chops Jake in the corner and rocks him with a high knee before dropping him with a lariat and hitting an MX for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Ricky Martinez defeats Jake St.Patrick via pinfall with an MX.

Simon Gotch vs Gangrel

Simon boots Gangrel as soon as he gets in the ring and they exchange strikes once the referee quickly rings the bell for the match to begin. Gangrel hits a scoop slam into an elbow drop for a quick two count before Simon locks in a sleeper hold. Gangrel then bites Simon to get out of the hold before the referee disqualifies Gangrel.

Winner: Simon Gotch defeats Gangrel via disqualification when Gangrel bites him.

ACH vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

ACH dropkicks Davey and hits him with several forearms before Davey hits a release German suplex. Davey catches ACH up top before ACH rolls him up for a near fall, then hits a flurry of kicks into a bridging German suplex for a near fall. ACH then misses a splash off of the top before Davey hits a running powerslam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeats ACH via pinfall with a running powerslam.

Mexican Massacre Match

LA Park vs Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon throws a trash can at LA, but misses before LA hits him with it and tries to rip the mask off of Pentagon. LA hits Pentagon with a chair at ringside and LA drags Pentagon into the crowd before he leaves with a table and brings it back to ringside. LA hits Pentagon with a dust pan and chokes him with a chain that goes to the lighting grid. They get back in the ring and LA hits Pentagon with a belt before Pentagon comes back with a huricanrrana that sends LA out of the ring. Pentagon hits a flipping senton to the outside that sends LA through the table at ringside and hits LA with a chair before tearing at his mask.

Once they're back in the ring Pentagon hits LA with his own belt, a handle to a dust pan and a trash can before they exchange running clotheslines in the corner. LA gets a near fall off of a clothesline before Pentagon hits a diving foot stomp for a near fall. LA comes back with a tope to the outside before hitting a lariat for a near fall, then Pentagon hits several sling blades for a near fall of his own. Pentagon puts a trash can on LA before hitting it, only for LA to spear him for a near fall, then LA gets another table and puts it in the ring. Pentagon hits a backstabber before LA spears him off of the top and through the table for a very close near fall.

LA then hits Pentagon with a fire ball before they low blow each other and LA pins Pentagon after a fast count from the referee for the win.

Winner:LA Park defeats Pentagon Jr. via pinfall with a fast count.

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