MLW Fusion Results for 12/16/20 ACH vs Tom Lawlor, Mads Krugger in Action

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of MLW Fusion headlined by an Opera Cup semifinal match between ACH and Tom Lawlor!

- Earlier today Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone pull up to the arena and are briefly interviewed before having to dispatch of masked operatives sent by Josef Samael.

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LA Park Jr. w/LA Park & El Hijo de La Park vs Bu Ku Dao w/TJP

LA beats Dao down and sends him out of the ring before distracting the referee and Los Parks attack Dao at ringside. Back in the ring Dao and Park exchange strikes until Park sends Dao out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring Park misses a running splash in the corner before Dao hits an enzuigiri into a diving cross body for two. Park hits an enzuigiri for two before following up with an enzuigiri for two before Dao hits a flat liner for a two count of his own. Dao then pins Park out of nowhere when Park goes for a suplex for the win.

Winner: Bu Ku Dao defeats LA Park Jr. via pinfall.

- We get a recap of last week's Opera Cup Tournament matches before we get a video package promo by Tom Lawlor and ACH ahead of their tournament match later tonight in our main event.

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Mads Krugger vs Heavy & Starling

Mads backs both of his opponents into the corner and drives the smaller one into the bigger one repeatedly before hitting a powerslam with one into the other one. Mads then hits Starling with a full nelson slam onto Heavy for the double pin and the win.

Winner: Mads Krugger defeats Heavy and Starling via pinfall.

- After the match the Sentai Death Squad come out and put Mads opponents in body bags and drape flags over them.

- We get the MLW/PWI top ten with Alex, ,Low-Ki, and Tom Lawlor rounding out the top three before we're then told that Mads and Alex are fighting backstage as we go to commercial.

- We come back to the announcement at the building being locked down by security before we get a breakdown for the card for Kings of Colosseum as we're told that Alex won't be in action since he and Mads are fighting in the parking lot.

- We get another video promo by Salina de La Renta where she shows us that she's made a sacrifice to an altar as we go to commercial.

2020 Opera Cup Tournament Semifinal Match

ACH vs Tom Lawlor

The two start things off by grappling on the mat before exchanging wrist and head locks as we cut into see brawling backstage. Tom grounds ACH with a head scissors before ACH locks in a headlock and Tom makes his way to his feet. ACH hits a dropkick and Tom rocks him with a forearm before chopping him in the corner and hitting him with forearms in the corner. Tom kicks in a cravat and knees ACH in the midsection before hitting a snap mare into a sliding clothesline for two. Tom locks in a submission before ACH gets to his feet and hits a cartwheel dropkick before chopping Tom and rolling him up for two.

ACH lays into Tom with chops, punches, and kicks in the corner before hitting a backbreaker for two before focusing on the back of Tom. Tom goes for an armbar before ACH rolls underneath the bottom rope for the break before Tom boots him through the ropes and traps him in the ropes. Tom chops ACH and ACH hits a slingshot sunset flip for two before Tom drops him with a kick and the two exchange forearms. They counter each other before Tom locks in a rear naked choke and ACH counters into several pin attempts. ACH comes back with a flurry of kicks into a Tiger Driver for a near fall before  Tom gets his knees up when ACH goes for a frog splash and wins with an inside cradle.

Winner: Tom Lawlor defeats ACH via pinfall to advance to the finals of the tournament.

- Tom is interviewed backstage about his victory before he cuts a promo on Low-Ki ahead of their match in the finals of the tournament as we go off the air.

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