NJPW Lions Gate Project 6 Results: Team Nagata Faces Team Kojima In The Main Event, Plus Yoshi-Hashi In Action!

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Satoshi Kojima & Ayato Yoshida def. Yuji Nagata & Tomoyuki Oka

Yoshi-Hashi def. Yuma Aoyagi

Manabu Nakanishi def. Katsuya Kitamura

Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tiger Mask IV def. Dinosaur Takuma & Takuya Nomura

Chaos (Gedo & Jado) def. Syota Umino & Hirai Kawato

El Desparado def. Tetsuhiro Yagi

Match By Match Recap

El Desparado vs. Tetsuhiro Yagi

The match begins with Desparado doing a little work on the arm of Yagi, Yagi fights back by working on the arm of Desparado. Desparado takes Yagi down with a headlock while still working on his arm, Desparado releases the hold and he wrenches away on the leg of Yagi. Yagi break free and he briefly locks Desparado in the arm bar. Desparado escapes and he traps Yagi in the stump puller, Desparado then locks Yagi in a modified abdominal stretch. Desparado releases the hold so he can stomp away on the injured leg of Yagi, Yagi gets up and Desparado drops him with chops. Desparado traps the leg of Yagi in the ropes while wrenching away on it again, Desparado catches Yagi with a dragon screw leg whip for a near fall.

Desparado twists and rips on the legs of Yagi until Yagi gets to the ropes, Yagi tries fighting back and Desparado kicks his injured leg. Yagi recovers and he drops a charging Desparado with a drop kick, Yagi then catches Desparado with a running back elbow strike followed by a rolling neck breaker for a near fall. Yagi then transitions to a single leg crab on Desparado, Yagi lets Desparado up and he clobbers him with a few strikes, Desparado recovers o nail Yagi with a spine buster into a modified trailer hitch. Desparado then applies the horse collar to Yagi and Yagi taps out.

Winner: El Desparado

Chaos (Gedo & Jado) vs. Syota Umino & Hirai Kawato

The match begins with Kawato catching Jado with a few forearm strikes, Jado quickly drops a charging Kawato with a shoulder tackle. Umino tags in and Gedo gets the tag as well, Gedo kicks Umino before simply ripping away at his eyes. Gedo nails Umino with a slam before he tags Jado into the match, Jado traps Umino in the corner before assaulting him with chops. Umino falls down and that allows Jado to just stomp away on him, Umino tries fighting back and Gedo interferes to stop him. Gedo tags back in and he rakes the eyes of Umino again, Umino fights back by nailing Gedo with a few chops. Gedo gets angry and he just drops Umino before standing on his face, Gedo backs up before nailing Umino with a fist drop.

Gedo tosses Umino out of the ring and Jado assaults him with a chair, Umino is tossed back in the ring so Gedo can get a near fall on him. Gedo slows things down by holding Umino in a chin lock, Umino tries fighting back and Gedo drops him with a back elbow strike. Umino eventually recovers and he drops a charging Gedo with a drop kick, Kawato gets the tag and he drops Gedo with a forearm strike. Kawato then nails Gedo with a springboard drop kick for a near fall, Gedo recovers and rolls up Kawato for a few near falls. Kawato gets back up and he drops a charging Gedo with a drop kick of his own, Umino and Jado get the tags from their respective partners. Umino catches Jado with a series of running back elbow strikes, Umino then drops Jado with a flying forearm.

Umino slams Jado and he looks for a Boston crab, Jado tries fighting back and Umino locks him in a single leg crab instead. Jado eventually gets to the ropes so he can break the hold, Jado recovers and drops a charging Umino with a clothesline. Jado picks up Umino before dropping him with a series of chops, Jado locks Umino in the cross face t force a submission.

Winners: Chaos (Gedo & Jado)

Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tiger Mask IV vs. Dinosaur Takuma & Takuya Nomura

The match begins with Tenzan working over the arm of Takuma, Tenzan releases the hold to nail Takuma with some kicks to the midsection. Takuma fights back to drop Tenzan with a shoulder tackle, Nomura and Mask IV get tagged in by their respective partners. Mask IV and Nomura go through a series of reversals until Mask IV gets the edge, Mask IV then drops Nomura with a shoulder tackle. Nomura drops Mask IV before kicking him directly in the spine, Takuma tags in and Mask IV quickly takes him down before landing a knee drop. Tenzan tags back in and he mauls Takuma with strikes in the corner, Tenzan also attacks Takuma with some Mongolian chops.

Tenzan slows things down by holding Takuma in a chin lock, Tenzan releases the hold so he can tag Mask IV back into the match. Mask IV drops Takuma before kicking him right in the back, Mask IV then locks Takuma in the figure four leg lock. Yakuma eventually rolls to the ropes so the referee can break the hold, Takuma tries fighting back and Mask IV assaults him with strikes. Takuma eventually drops a charging Mask IV with a face buster, Nomura tags back in and he attacks Mask IV with a series of kicks. Mask IV slows down a charging Nomura with a knee strike. Nomura drops Mask IV and he applies the arm bar to him, Nomura continues working on the arm of mask IV. Nomura then attacks the injured arm of Mask IV with a variety of kicks, Mask IV recovers and he drops Nomura with a tiger bomb for a near fall.

Tenzan tags back in and he attacks Nomura with some Mongolian chops, Tenzan traps Nomura before nailing him with a plethora of headbutts. Tenzan then plants Nomura with a brain buster for a near fall, Nomura and Tenzan then get into a striking exchange in the middle of the ring until both go down. Takuma tags in as a four way brawl erupts inside of the ring, Mask IV knocks Nomura out of the ring as Tenzan hits Takuma with an exploder suplex. Takuma recovers to nail both of his opponents with a spear, Takuma then hits Tenzan with a death valley driver for a near fall. Tenzan recovers to drop Takuma with a spinning heel kick for another near fall, Tenzan then locks Takuma in the anaconda vice to force a tap out.

Winners: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Tiger Mask IV

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