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At last night's PPV Payback, we witnessed perhaps the fall of the Roman Empire, with Braun absolutely obliterating Roman Reigns. Not only did Braun Strowman win the main event, because that is never enough for Braun, he went on to fully assault Roman. He used the steel steps to his advantage and crushed Roman with them. By the end of the night, Roman was spitting blood from his mouth and could hardly move. Will we see Roman tonight? What condition is he in exactly? Does Braun have another target in mind, or is he content with beating the crap out of Roman any chance he gets? It seems that nothing can satiate Braun's thirst for blood, but tonight we may get some more answers.

We also have a new Raw Women's champion, Alexa Bliss, who is the first woman to hold both the Smackdown Live and Raw Women's Championship. Who will come after that title first? Will Bayley be getting her rematch in the near future?

What is next for Bray Wyatt? He defeated Randy Orton with the help of Jinder Mahal last night at Payback, so what is next for the Eater of Worlds?

Lots of questions tonight, so let's see what Monday Night Raw has in store for us. Are you ready?

The women of the Raw roster are in the ring to start and Alexa Bliss the new Raw Women's Champion makes her way to the ring.

Alexa says that she made Kurt Angle have all the women present in the ring. She says the "Queen" is dead, proclaims herself a "goddess". She says she deserves a coronation, she thanks Mickie James and throws digs at Mickie being older than the rest of the roster. Alexa then thanks Sasha Banks, thanking her for pinning her to get where she is at by pinning her. Alexa accidentally bumps into Nia Jax and doesn't talk any smack to or about Nia. Alexa gets on a platform and talks down to Bayley. If it weren't for Bayley, Alexa being champ wouldn't be possible. Alexa doing great on her promo cutting down the rest of the roster. She really cuts into Bayley talking about her family, Balyey overturns the platform sending Alexa flying and all mayhem breaks lose in the ring with the women all fighting against each other. Commercial break.

Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax and Emma vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Dana Brooke

Emma and Bayley are legal and Bayley gets Emma's arm, tags in Mickie and Mickie starts working on the same arm Bayley was. Kick to torso of Emma, kick to face, takes her down, tag to Dana. Emma makes tag to Fox. Fox gives kicks and punches, Fox in turnbuckle, handspring elbow by Dana to Fox, cover by Dana and kickout by Fox. Tag to Sasha and then tag to Bayley. Double team to Fox, cover and kickout by Alicia. Then James is in and goes for a cover, then kickout. Fox needs to get to her corner. Banks is tagged in and tries for another cover on Alicia.Sasha with double knees to Fox and goes for a cover again but she still can't get the win. Fox gets some momentum and throws Sasha out the ring. All the women face off outside the ring and so far Sasha and Fox are still legal. Commercial break. Fox in control, goes for a cover on Sasha and kickout. Fox makes the tag to Nia and elbow drop onto Sasha's back, Nia is just tossing her around the ring. Nia with another elbow drop, and another, cover and kick out. Bayley and team are trying to rally the crowd but Nia for sure has the upper hand. Bliss is tagged in, stomps on Sasha's head, cover, kick out by Sasha. Sasha runs into huge clothesline. Hot tag to Baley and she does work on Alexa in the turnbuckle. Suplex to Alexa and goes for cover and Nia breaks it up. Nia to the outside, Mickie jumps on Nia, mayhem has broken loose, kick to Emma by Sasha the non legal women are fighting on the outside. Alexa gets Bayley's eyes, DDT to Bayley, cover and pin by Alexa.

Winners: Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Emma and Alicia Fox

Up next, singles action with Enzo Amore vs. Gallows. Enzo is confident he will beat Gallows, from behind Anderson and Gallows attack Enzo and Cass. Cass helps Enzo take out the two who revert back to the ramp. Commercial break.

Enzo vs. Gallows

Enzo immediately takes a big boot to the face, he moves to the turnbuckle and takes punches to the torso, one to the face and he hits the ground again. Gallows has Enzo in an arm bar, Enzo gets in a few hits but then takes a huge clothesline. Gallows working on Enzo's shoulder, takes Enzo down again, Gallows continues working on Enzo's left arm and shoulder. Gallows delivers a huge kick to Enzo and Enzo is starting to bleed above his eye. Enzo tries to start scrapping but just gets taken right back down. Gallows still working on the left arm, is taken to the ground again. Enzo is trying to get out of it and Cass is ringside trying to rally him. Enzo gets a bulldog of the second rope miraculously. Some jabs to Gallows and a punch to Gallows' face. Enzo has Gallows on his knees, kick o the face, roll-up by Enzo and kick out by Gallows. Enzo goes to top rope, Anderson almost interferes but gets Enzo distracted, Gallows grabs him and finishes him with a shoulder rack into a flapjack.

Winner: Gallows via pinfall.

Backstage Perkins questions Neville's win last night and it looked like Neville was going to lose to Aries before the disqualification. Neville tells T.J. to tread lightly and that Aries is their problem. Neville says that T.J. needs to start pulling his own weight against the Aries problem.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth addresses the crowd and says that you embrace the crappy things life brings your way, he slayed the "King" Triple H at WrestleMania, he got his Payback on Samoa Joe, and wants Brock Lesnar's Universal Title.

Out comes Finn Balor. He says that he became the first Universal Champion and never actually lost the title so he is first in line.

Out comes Dean Ambrose. He says that Raw should be about fighting championships. That's why the Intercontinental title should be in play.

Out comes Miz and Maryse who say that Finn and Seth shouldn't be in contender ship for any title. Miz says the Intercontinental title is his. Miz calls Finn a coward for taking a cheap shot. Miz talks crap to all of them. Dean takes out his phone, calls GM Kurt Angle. Angle makes a match for Triple Threat match for No. 1 contender for Intercontinental Title. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz.

Video package showing last night between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

Time for Cruiserweight action!

Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa and Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Noam Dar, Tony Nese and The Brian Kendrick

Kendrick and Tozawa start it off exchanging blows. Kick to the face by Tozawa and then Nese gets tagged in and elbow to Tozawa. Cover by Nese and kick out. Nese showing off, Tozawa in a torture rack, gets in some head punches and can tag in Swann. Dar gets tagged in and then Gallagher tags himself in. He gets Dar to the outside. Tozawa gets Kendrick to the outside. Tozawa, Gallagher and Swann all throw Nese over the top rope into Kendrick and Dar. Commercial break. Kendrick and Tozawa are legal men, Kendrick in control. Suplex by Kendrick, cover and kick out. Tag in to Nese, kicks to Tozawa's torso, Nese showing off again. Tozawa needs a tag, Tozawa trying to get in some jabs, vertical suplex onto the top rope, cover and kick out by Tozawa. Tag to Dar, Dar working on Tozawa's arm. Tozawa gets in a couple of jabs but then gets taken down to the mat again. Nese is tagged back in, torture rack again, Tozawa gets in punches, goes for a tag, and is pulled back by the tights and then a punch. Suplex by Tozawa to Nese, Dar gets tagged in, Tozawa makes it to Swann who is cleaning up the ring. Rolling Thunder splash onto The Brian Kendrick. Gallagher tagged in, headbutts Kendrick, Nese comes into try and help, headbutt to Nese, Kendrick looking for submission, gets interuppted, Swann and Tozawa take out Nese and Dar outside the ring. Gallagher one on one with Kendrick and wins with a Gentleman Drop!

Winners: Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa, and Rich Swann, Gallagher with pin on Kendrick after Gentleman Drop

Cesaro and Sheamus make their way to the ring. Sheamus starts off saying that it feels good to be free. He has been living in a fog of delusion, Sheamus says he never really liked anyone. He says to the crowd that he never liked them but they did like Cesaro and thought they could get the crowd's support, until the Hardy Boyz showed up and they stole their WrestleMania moment. Cesaro takes over and says the crowd felt the rush of nostalgia and the crowd would rather look at the past than appreciate the present. Cesaro said the Hardy's were a "feel good" moment and that the Hardy's do not belong in the ring with them. Sheamus says this is the WWE that belongs to them, they do not set the bar, they are the bar.

Out come the Hardy Boyz. Matt tells them thank you for the explanation. Matt says their response to them is... both Matt and Jeff do the DELETE motion! They run to the ring and Sheamus and Cesaro avoid them.

The Miz and Maryse are backstage, says that Seth caused Finn to be out for eight months and his preparation is... he gets cut off by Ambrose taking control of the interview. Miz blows him off.

Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews

Titus O'Neil is along side Crews, and Rhyno is in Slater's corner but it is one on one action tonight. Lock up, Crews takes control, then Slater goes for headlock, Crews gets out and reverses, Slater gets Apollo down and then they go back and forth in holds. Lock up again and arm drag by Slater, dropkick by Crews, roll up by Slater, kick out, Crews ends up outside the ring. Slater gets him and puts him back in the ring, cover, headlock by Slater, Titus trying to give advice, kick to torso by Crews, gets Slater down, both miss kicks, Crews with sit out power bomb, cover and win by Apollo Crews. Titus goes in the ring for selfie which Rhyno photobombs.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall with sit out power bomb

Up next, the aftermath of Payback. We should find out more about what is going on with Roman and Braun.

Out to the ring, General Manager Kurt Angle. Angle says that a match like last night has to have consequences, Braun tore rotator cuff and Roman has suffered rib and internal injuries. Says the two are not done with each other. Angle gets cut off by Bray Wyatt's music. Bray makes his way to the ring. The light stay dimmed, Bray introduces himself to Angle. Says he means Kurt no harm, is not here for destruction, not yet anyway. He comes as a savior, says he closed the chapter of Randy Orton. Now a new chapter begins, says he is reborn, (geez he is good on the mic) says there is an evil all around, he holds the cure for the sickness in the WWE and Angle needs him. Wants to know if Bray is going to be allowed to do his work and if Angle will stand in his way. Angle says he doesn't know what Bray has planned but it is Angle's show. Bray says he needs Angle to understand that it is his world.

Backstage, Dean has taken control of interview duties. He talks with Rollins, Dean asks if he has what it takes to take away the Intercontinental Title, Seth says he has beaten him before and should know what he can do when there is a title on the line.

Austin Aries vs. T.J. Perkins

Aries with immediate control and delivers blows to Perkins in the trunbuckle and throws him back and forth. Elbow to the head by Aries. Perkins gets a few hits in and double slap to the ears of Perkins, Aries gets on top rope, missile drop kick, cover and kick out by T.J. Huge elbow by Aries. Going to top rope and gets knocked of by T.J. Aries is hung upside down in turnbuckle and T.J. working on the knee of Aries. Commercial break. T.J. in control and has Aries in a butterfly lock, Aries gets out and spinebuster by Aries. T.J. gets Aries down again. Aries in turnbuckle, still working on Aries' left knee. Aries with a few left hooks, then a chop then Aries loses momentum after his knee buckles and he falls to the mat. Aries manages to get T.J. in the turnbuckle and then T.J. turns it around and continues to work on the knee. Perkins tries to hit Aries' knee on the ring post, but takes out Perkins instead, Perkins is disoriented outside the ring and suicide dive by Aries. Both men get back in the ring, huge chops by Aries, gutbuster, pendulum elbow by Aries, second rope, elbow to the back of Perkins, cover and kick out by Perkins at two. Rapid fire strikes by Perkins, shinbreaker by Aries, Aries gets kicked by Perkins, counter by Aries into Last Chancery! Perkins taps out, Aries picks up the win!

Winner: Austin Aries via submission with Last Chancery

T.J. doesn't care that the match is over, he puts Aries into a knee bar, really damaging Austin's knee. Perkins leaves with a smile upon his face, knowing that he could've seriously injured Aries.

Backstage, Dean continues with his interviews and finds Finn and Finn tells Dean that the Intercontinental Title will become part of the Balor Club. Dean offers Finn a donut, he takes a bite and leaves. Elias Samson shows up strumming his guitar. Dean asks him if he knows any Pearl Jam. Awesome.

Golddust backstage makes a movie pitch to Angle, then pitches a title match against the Hardy Boyz. Angle denies the match, Golddust wants to prove they are not a joke. Angle says he will make a Tag Team Turmoil match next week and the winner will be the number one contender for the championships.

Main event time!

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz Triple Threat Match

Miz ducks out first leaving Seth and Finn to battle. Finn goes for an early roll up, Miz tries to sneak back in the ring but thinks the better of it. Back and forth and no one in control yet. Both Seth and Rollins want their turn against Miz but he won't come in the ring. Things aren't going as Miz planned because Seth and Finn try to corner him and they have him sandwiched. Miz tries his usual tactics, wants to negotiate with the competitors but no luck. Miz tries to punch Finn first but the two gang up on him, throw him out the ring, Finn gets distracted, Seth goes for roll up on Finn and kick out. Dropkick by Finn onto Seth. Miz still out of the ring. Punches to Seth in the turnbuckle. Miz gets Balor off the apron and takes him down for the time being. Seth gets Miz down after trying to climb up the apron. Seth goes for a dive but Maryse gets in the way, Finn distracts her and Seth jumps onto Miz outside the ring. The three finally all get in the ring. Seth to top rope, gets pushed off the top by Miz, lands on his feet and into barricade on the floor outside the ring. Ouch. Commercial break. Miz is in control over Finn and has him in a headlock. Finn resting in turnbuckle, Miz runs towards him but runs into double feet, Seth comes out of nowhere onto Finn, Seth goes after Miz and runs into the post, Finn is out of the ring, Miz delivering kicks to Rollins in turnbuckle, Miz covers Seth and kick out. Miz with punches to Seth's face, Miz throws Seth into Balor on the apron. All three in the ring. Seth and Finn on knees and Miz delivers consecutive kicks made famous by Daniel Bryan to both men. Dropkick into Seth who DDT's Miz! Balor in control and delivers chops to both men, kick to the face from Miz to Balor. Balor takes both men out of the ring. Balor with dropkicks to both men driving them into the barricades outside the ring. Seth is back in the ring, Finn goes for cover over Seth and Miz interrupts it! Balor throws Miz out, Slingblade to Seth, Balor out of the ring, Miz back in, DDT to Seth, cover and kick out! These guys are on fire, hard to keep up! Miz doing work on Seth's bad knee, figure four on Seth by Miz, Finn interrupts, Balor covers Miz and kick out! The three all get back up, Miz is down, kick to Finn's face by Seth, cover and kick out! They are all trying to get back on their feet, Seth up first, then Finn, Balor back down, Seth to top rope, takes them both out, Frog Splash on Balor by Seth, cover and kick out again! Miz up n top rope, Rollins pushes Balor out, superplex by Rollins and Miz kicks out from the cover! Seth suicide dives onto Balor, then onto Miz, Samoa Joe shows up and takes out Rollins. Slingblade by Finn followed by drop kick. Balor looking for finisher, Bray shows up?! Takes out Balor with Sister Abigail, Miz is back up goes for cover, takes the win! With the help of Bray Wyatt, Miz is the number one contender for the intercontinetal title!

Winner: The Miz

That's it for tonight's Raw! Will we see Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor in a Eater of Worlds vs. The Demon?! I'd like to see that! Time will tell what Bray is thinking but I'm looking forward to know more! Don't forget to check out the post Raw podcast here at fightful.com!

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