Raw Results 6/19 Roman Reigns Is Back And Enzo's Mystery Attacker Is Revealed

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After SmackDown's money in the Bank pay-per-view last night, WWE's eyes are now fully focused on the road to Great Balls of Fire! What does Samoa Joe have in store after the massive brawl on last week's show? Speaking of last week, the tag team division had the main event spotlight with Sheamus and Cesaro retaining their titles over Matt and Jeff Hardy. Where will the tag champions go from here? After Seth Rollins made his big "announcement" on ESPN today, Roman Reigns will kick off RAW with a major announcement of his own! What does Reigns have to say? What will go down tonight? Let's find out when Raw starts at 8 p.m. EST!

Roman Reigns enters the ring comes out in the ring and says he can't be beat in a one-on-one match and expressed how good he is by saying he main evented his third WrestleMania and that he retired the Undertaker. Reigns said he should be the No. 1 contender for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Why? Because this is his yard.

Out comes Samoa Joe and Joe corrects Reigns' claim that he can't be beaten one-on-one because Reigns has not beaten Joe yet. Joe then attacks Reigns, throwing him all over the barricades. Reigns blocks a Coquina Clutch attempt by Joe and then Reigns hits a Superman Punch as we head to a break. Hardys vs. Gallows and Anderson is next after a commercial break. Reigns vs. Joe is announced for later tonight.

Hardy Boyz vs. Gallows and Anderson

Matt Hardy and Karl Anderson start the match and Matt gets the early offense, tagging in Jeff. Jeff gets some offense in and the Hardys suplex Anderson for a quick pin attempt that only goes for two. Matt then gets pushed into the corner and Luke Gallows is tagged in. Gallows then gets some offense in, but Matt reverses and send Gallows into the Hardys' corner. Jeff and Anderson are tagged in and Jeff is sent to Gallows and Anderson's corner where he got laid flat.

Back from the break and Jeff is still getting workd on: first a big boot from Gallows and then a knee drop from Anderson. Jeff is sent to a corner and gets out of the way when Anderson tries for a splash. Jeff reverses a suplex, attacks Gallows and tries to get back to his corner. After some offense from Gallows and Anderson, Jeff manages to tag in Matt and Matt goes to work on Anderson. Anderson eats a lariat from Matt and then hits a Side Effect. Gallows breaks up a pin attempt and is sentringside alongside Jeff. Gallows gets in a cheap shot to Matt and Gallows and Anderson connect a Boot of Doom and Matt kicks out at two. Jeff tags in, Gallows eats a Twist of Fate, then a Swanton Bomb and the Hardys win.

Winner: Matt and Jeff Hardy

Goldust with another backstage promo, quoting Sunset Boulevard and talking about Hollywood and how he has pieced himself together and invites R-Truth next week to his latest motion picture "Shattered Dreams."

Elias Samson is in the ring and he's here to tell us about his childhood and sing a song! Crowd chants "What?" as Samson's here to cleanse our "dirty souls." Before he sings, he is trying to tune his guitar and asked for complete silence. He doesn't get it as Finn Balor's music plays. After a brief staredown, Samson slowly leaves the ring as we head to a commercial break.

Finn Balor vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas attacks Balor as Balor was taking off his jacket.The referee checks up on Balor and the bell is rung. Dallas then starts punching away on Balor as he's put into a corner. Dallas then sends Balor to the barricades and Dallas hits Balor with a huge knee strike. Dallas gets Baor back into the ring. Balor eventually is sent to a corner and hits a dropkick and then an overhead kick to stop Dallas on his tracks. Balors starts stomping away on Dallas and then clothesline Dallas outside of the ring. After Balor hits a PK on Dallas, Dallas is then sent all over the barricades. Slingblade from Balor, dropkick, then a Coup de GrĂ¢ce connects and Balor gets the pin.

Winner: Finn Balor

Corey Graves then leaves the commentary table without any explanation. Michael Cole then starts talking about the new WWE 2K18 video game and shows a trailer for the game, which is just Seth Rollins in a ski mask destroying many WWE memorabilia. Pretty cool trailer if you ask me. Rollins will make an appearance on RAW next.

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