ROH Wrestling Television Results for 10/26/20 Episode #475 Lethal vs Williams, Gresham vs Woods

- We open the show with a video package recapping the tournament so far before we get a video package for Jonathan Gresham and Josh Woods ahead of their tournament match up next.

ROH PURE Title Tournament Block B Semifinal Match 

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Josh Woods vs Jonathan Gresham

Josh stuffs a single leg by Jon and hits several gut wrench suplexes before Jon locks in an octopus stretch. Jon elbows the side of the head of Josh before Josh gets free with a Samoan drop and Jon ducks a clothesline. Josh then blocks a roll up before Jon hits a dragon screw and Josh counters a figure four before they exchange pin attempts until Jon wins with a sunset flip.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham defeats Josh Woods via pinfall to advance to the finals of Block B of the PURE Title Tournament.

- Matt Taven comes out onto the stage before he's attacked from behind by Vincent before they brawl down to ringside where Vincent lays Matt out with a cutter. Vincent then sets up a table and a ladder before lying Matt on the table and hitting a Swanton Bomb off of it onto Matt through the table.

- We get a recap of the debut of EC3 on last week's show.

ROH PURE Title Tournament Block A Semifinal Match

Jay Lethal vs Tracy Williams

They lock up before Tracy backs Jay into the corner before laying into Jay with strikes and dodging an enzuigiri by Lethal. Jay grabs a wrist lock and yanks Tracy down onto the mat before hitting Hail to the King and Tracy counters the Lethal Injection. Jay hits a back elbow into an enzuigiri before before Tracy counters a second attempt at the Lethal Injection and locks in a rear naked choke. Jay then rolls backwards on top of Tracy for a near fall before Tracy locks in a cross face and forces Jay to tap for the win.

Winner: Tracy Williams defeats Jay Lethal via submission to advance to the finals of Block A of the tournament.

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